Exercise your way to app-iness: top 5 sports & fitness apps

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Summer’s here so naturally the gym and parks fill up with everyone competing to get in shape for summer. And when our world is so much into the sedentary lifestyle, fitness has to be the natural mantra. However we also have little spare time for physical activities and this is where cutting-edge apps can help. Such exciting apps help turn the most mundane task into fun and engaging exercise where users can better keep track of their progress to bring out their competitive side. So whether you are a fitness junkie or need that extra motivation to do some exercise then here are the top 5 cool apps to help get you in shape:

1. Adidas Fit Smart

Very recently, Adidas unveiled a fresh fitness wristband called Fit Smart. It’s an activity tracker designed for training, fitness and running, which comes coupled with the company’s miCoach fitness app. As the general manager of Adidas digital sports refers to, Fit Smart is analogous to having heart-rate tech on the wrist.

Fit Smart paired with the company’s innovative miCoach Train and Run fitness app lets the users acclimatize to workouts besides measuring calories, heath rate, and pace, stride rate, and even distance only from the wrist. Well, the pairing in this case is done through Bluetooth.

Score: 3.5/5


2. ReebokFitness

Another up-to-the-minute fitness app is brought by a distinguished company named Reebok. Reebok Fitness is there to put an end to the uninspiring daily habits. It’s so designed to instill variety into your workout plans. The app lets you revamp your fitness practices by creating diverse workouts employing a mishmash of popular disciplines, counting running, walking, yoga, training and dancing.

Most interestingly, the app, free of cost, is available in the Android and Apple devices. Additionally, you can collect the app from the company’s website. Another arresting feature of the app allows you to create customized exercises plans depending on your schedules and activities that you love and the new ones which presumably you want to try. It generates a fitness routine based on the personal preferences, and you just have to select the time duration you will want to devote on each activity.

Score: 4/5

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3. Reuters Sports Reel

Thomson introduced its free mobile app for iPad, Android and iPhone devices, dubbed SPORTS REEL. Ranging from tennis to Formula 1, to football to cycling, the Reuters app has it all. The app allows the subscribers to access real-time results of games along with the official photos of Reuters from one of the most inclusive sports portfolios online. In addition, SPORTS REEL sends across notifications of schedules, scores and even best photos of sporting events to the users.

Score: 3/5

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4. Nike+ Fuel Band

Nike rejuvenated its flagship fitness band for Android users, which till now was only compatible with Apple devices. The app will now be accessible to the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean subscribers as well. It’s a daily fitness tracker connecting to smartphones wirelessly through Bluetooth 4.4.

Score: 3.5/5

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5. Microsoft’s Bing Health and Fitness App

The software giant is no way behind others in upgrading itself. Bing Health and Fitness App launched by Microsoft take care of your nutritional and wellness requirements. Additionally, the app also ensures your fitness and health necessities. Designed for Windows, the app puts the power at your fingertip. Furthermore, the health and fitness app tracks advancement of calorie intake as well as workout trends including your essential health variables. Besides featuring health and diet tracker, it also sports exercise tracker and symptom checker. Also, Microsoft’s app is designed to aid you with browsing your favorite workouts and diets.

Score: 3/5

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Do you use any of these apps and if so what is your favourite? Do you have another one we have shamefully missed off the list?

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Author: Smit Shah

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