Epic Games’ New App Can Make 3D Models

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For now, the app is available in a limited beta. 

Constructing 3D Models 

Epic Games is releasing a new app. This time, it has nothing to do with games. Rather, it will be a 3D scanning app for Android and iOS devices. 

The app is called RealityScan. As the name suggests, it can turn photos into 3D models. The company developed it in collaboration with Capturing Reality and Quixel. Just a quick note, Epic Games acquired Capturing Reality in March. 

3D Scanning to be Faster and Easier 

The app is photogrammetric software. It can reconstruct objects and scenes, regardless of the size, from laser scans and images. After reconstruction, the app yields 3D scans at speeds many times faster than other software. 

But it’s still available in limited beta. The app features the best of Reality Capture and puts it in one app. Before, capturing real-world assets had been technical and complicated. With this app, it has become simpler because you only have to unlock your smartphone. 

Testing the App 

You can test the app by signing up for TestFlight. But as mentioned earlier, it is still in limited beta. The first 10,000 individuals who signed up for TestFlight on iOS could access it. 

If you’re not that lucky, though, you may have to wait until later this spring when the company will release it on iOS devices. 

Before the end of 2022, Android users can have early access to it. 

Easy to Use

Those who have tried it said that the app is indeed easy to use. But you need to have an Epic Games account before you can access it. Hold the shutter button while capturing the object. As you move, the app will take photos of the object you’re trying to capture. 

If there are enough photos, you can see how the model looks. Continue taking pictures if you don’t like the result. 

Once you are satisfied, you can export the model to Sketchfab. It may take a few minutes for the photo to appear on Sketchfab. If you don’t have a Sketchfab account yet, you can sign up for free. 

The co-founder of Capturing Reality said that the app is the company’s first step to making 3D scanning available to every creator. This tool may help people, regardless of their skills sets to understand the basics of scanning. It can bridge the gap between professionals and beginners. 

Photogrammetry has been around for many years. However, it needs certain skills and specialized equipment to capture real-world objects. With this app, anyone can capture them for digital experiences. 

However, it may raise some legal questions. For instance, if you want to scan a certain object and use it in your project, would the designer of the object have a copyright claim? 

With this brand new app, it is exciting to see how developers will use it to better their creations. But many people are hoping that its benefits won’t be abused.

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