Elon Musk plans to send people to Mars in 80 days

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According to SpaceX founder Elon Musk his plan is to build a human settlement on Mars. Is he overly ambitious or he knows something that we don’t? Check out the video to see for yourself!

Elon Musk

Source: http://qz.com/794101/elon-musk-explains-why-he-doesnt-hire-much-foreign-talent-at-spacex/

In the movie “Total Recall” (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) our hero visit the planet of Mars, where humans have built a colony. When the movie came out in 1990 this scenario was 100% science fiction. But, Elon Musk is making headlines since yesterday when he announced his plan to establish a human settlement on Mars.

On September 27 the SpaceX founder took the stage at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico and said that it is possible to begin shuttling thousands of people between Earth and the smaller planet. He added that in the course of a hundred years millions of people could actually live there.

“This is not about everyone moving to Mars, this is about becoming multiplanetary,” “This is really about minimizing existential risk and having a tremendous sense of adventure.”

His plan is to start travelling to Mars by the mid 2020s. That’s like 4 years away…  But, he must build a rocket to go there. A really big one actually. According to estimations the spaceship will be at least 200 feet tall. The rocket will be able to send about 100 people in each trip. But, Musk wishes he could transfer more to make the flights cheaper per person. Also it is calculated that the trip will last from 80 to 150 days.

Another rumor that turned out to be true is that the vehicle will be reusable and the spaceship will refuel in orbit. According to Musk refueling in orbit can make the trip cheaper. Elon Musk wants to use each rocket booster a thousand times, each tanker a hundred times, and each spaceship 12 times. With his calculations Mars could have a million people from 40 to a hundred years.


Elon Musk

Source: http://www.techinsider.io/how-spacex-rocket-landing-works-2016-4


And what about the colonization plan? Elon Musk has (almost) everything in order. In 2018 the Red Dragon capsule will be the first cargo-carrying spacecraft on Mars. And few others will follow to start the grand plan. The spacecrafts will be responsible to deliver supplies and establishing a propellant depot. After that depot is set up and cargo delivered to the surface, the fun can (sort of) begin. The rest is pretty much simple. People will start to establish a settlement and explore the new planet. Just like the movies!

So who is going to buy a ticket and sail to the unknown? People who want to experience a great adventure and of course they have money to spend. Elon Musk said about the first passengers: “We’re trying to make it such that anyone can go” with “maybe a few days of training”. Musk estimates the cost at $10 billion. This is not cheap at all. But, the SpaceX founder revealed four ways to cut the ticket price and have the same cost as a house. The ways include reusable rockets, refuelling the spaceship in space, and using a methane fuel. Also, methane fuel could be harvested on Mars.

Whether the plan is feasible or not Elon Musk is very excited about this project:

“I think that Mars is gonna be a great place to go,” “It will be the planet of opportunity.”

But, is the planet friendly or hostile? Will the atmosphere be safe or not? And are we gonna be alone on Mars? These question will get their answer as soon as a human sets foot on the planet.


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