Elon Musk Might Revive Vine — the 6-Second Video Service

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Elon Musk’s team told Twitters engineers to examine Vine’s code. 


On Reviving Vine 

On Twitter, Elon Musk asked his followers if they want him to revive Vine. After owning Twitter, Elon is busy trying to find ways to improve his social network. 

In case you didn’t know, Vine was previously owned by Twitter. But it shut down in 2016. With the new owner, it might be coming back. 

This news was first shared by Axios. The report stated that the reboot could be ready before 2023. But it’s an assertive timeframe considering that Vine has been dead for five years. 

A former Twitter product director said that some of Vine’s code is more than a decade old. Sara Beykpour, former Twitter product director, said that if Elon Musk would revive the dead social media platform, he and his team must start over. 

Reviving the service might not be about bringing back the service. Rather, Elon might simply want to test out engineers. Chief Twit denied reports that he would fire the majority of Twitter employees. But it is still likely he would lay off a lot of the employees. 

Even though Vine was popular in the mid-2010s, it would be different this time. TikTok has cemented its place in the industry. Most social media platforms are replicating its model of looping videos. 

Musk is said to be crowdsourcing information on how to revive Vine and compete with TikTok. When he asked his followers about resurrecting Vine and how it would become better than TikTok, one user said that it should be part of Twitter and not a separate app. 

It earned a “100” emoji reply from Elon. It could mean that if Vine would be revived, it would just be a feature on Twitter. 

Twitter and Vine 

In 2019, after two years of shutting down Vine, a Twitter executive was asked about the end of Vine. The head of product said that Vine was amazing and regretted it was killed. 

Vine was founded in 2012. It was a different social media app as it allows six-second video clips with friends. Twitter bought it nine months after. But shut it down five years later. 

At the time of Vine’s demise, TikTok debuted. It has been downloaded over 950 million times. Thanks to the younger crowd. Now, it is one of the most popular social media apps, even though it has privacy issues. 

It is different from other social media apps, like Facebook and Instagram. TikTok’s algorithm was built on an interest graph. 

It means that it is working by simply looking at your interests and the content you interact with. It captures your likes and dislikes. 

And the main thing about TikTok is that you don’t need a single follower to watch a few videos. The algorithm will quickly curate what it thinks you like. It uses AI and it changes interests in real time without you doing much of the work. 

Short-form videos are getting more popular now. They are essential for your content strategy. And if Vine will come back, you might want to include it in your marketing strategy, too.

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