Elon Musk Becomes Sole Director of Twitter After Firing the Board of Directors

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But Elon said it’s only temporary.



Dissolution of the Board of Directors 

After buying Twitter last week, Elon will be its chief executive. He’s thinking of revamping the platform. One of the changes he’s contemplating on doing is cutting some jobs. And dissolve Twitter’s Board of Directors. 

In response to an article, Elon said that the removal of the board of directors is only temporary. He’s likely revamping the board just like what he’s doing to the platform itself. 

Before the acquisition was finalized, Elon said that the former board hid evidence from him. He even shared a photo to back up his statement. Elon also said that more about this type of evidence would come. 

Better for Users

Elon is busy working on making Twitter better for users. Currently, he’s listening to the feedback. He might even revive Vine. He’s also working on unbanning some users who have been prohibited by mistake. 

Many accounts have been banned by Twitter. Some of them were suspended with no known explanation. But the platform is known for pausing accounts wrongfully. 

Scrutiny from the Government

His takeover has invited extreme scrutiny. Some people think that overhauling the moderating team will only spread misinformation on the platform. 

Not all people are happy about Musk’s takeover. A democrat senator asked the government to scrutinize the implications of the deal as it may be a national security issue. A large stake in Twitter is controlled by organizations with ties to Saudi Arabia. Currently, SA has an increasingly tense relationship with the US. 

Senator Chris Murphy wrote on Twitter that everyone must be concerned that the SA is now the second-largest owner of the said platform. 

Even though Elon financed the takeover with his own money, a lot of investors funded it. Analysts are saying that the burgeoning debt of the company will likely affect the firm that has struggled to boost its user base. 

The Tesla CEO agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion in April. But the deal was not closed immediately. He attempted to back out because of the increasing number of bots that the platform hid from him. As a result, the platform filed a lawsuit against him. 

Now, Musk’s lawyers are asking the court to throw out the case. Twitter and Musk were supposed to go to trial this month. But after the deal was closed by the end of last week, the suit also ended. 

Early this year, the CEO made several pronouncements about how to revamp Twitter. But now that he’s the Chief Twit, it’s not clear which of those he’ll prioritize. 

However, he promised to modify Twitter’s content restrictions to promote free speech. But he’ll first make a content moderation council to finalize it. 

One of the people who invested in the takeover said that he supported the deal because Musk might transition the platform into supporting cryptocurrency and web3, which is considered the next generation of the Internet. 

Now, a lot of Trump followers want to know when will Elon allow the 45th president to return to the platform.

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