8 Pro Tips for Effective Essay Writing

Every time you are asked to write an essay, you find yourself in dilemma about putting your thoughts, ideas, and quotes, in a well-organized manner.

It might hold you back to make a confident pitch through your words. It won’t be surprising if you considered yourself as the dumbest person among your peers for not possessing an effective style of writing.

Stop thinking that way right now!

Firstly, be grateful of having such a creative mind that always have thoughts flowing in. There are people who lack creativity, but still write essays and that too proficiently.


Because they follow right approach and practices to put their experiences and thoughts (even if it is something limited for them). Once you will be familiar with the right approach to make about writing your essay, the length of the essay won’t put you in worries. You will, in fact, find essay writing a fun and enjoyable task to accomplish.

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We will discuss the list of pro essay writing tips that counts for the effective approach. However, please note that these tips are not applicable to report writing. According to a survey of Queensland Government, report writing briefly addresses the objectives without being fancy or creative.

For writing a good essay copy, you should:

1)   Give Essay Topic A Deep Thought

Giving deep thought strictly doesn’t mean to lost in the topic that you left with no time to put your thoughts on paper. Firstly, devote a certain amount of time in brainstorming about the topic. You may get some great ideas from real-life incidents or what you look around on everyday basis.

2)   Create Your First Draft Instantly

Once you have gathered all the thoughts and ideas, create an outline of your essay. Decide how you want to go about it, to put simple, put things in order like statements, quotes and examples so that you can express your idea clearly, leaving an impact on the reader. Don’t let the flow of ideas skip by. Put them on paper as soon as possible so to get enough time to fix mistakes and make your written piece an effective one.

3)   Divide Your Essay Into Parts

You should part your essay into three broad sections i.e. Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Make sure all three sections are interconnected. Otherwise, you would end up breaking the flow of writing as well as the reader’s interest.

Let’s have a quick look into the contents you should include in each section to avoid any sort of confusions:

  • The introduction is a simple paragraph to introduce the idea you are going to discuss in your essay.
  • The body includes numerous well-divided paragraphs to detail your idea with examples, quotes, and supporting idioms.
  • Conclusion is the ending part of your essay that contains a short summary of your essay.

4)   Being Specific is the Key

More you will be able to relate with topic; better questions will pop up in your mind, allowing you to bring forward your point of view. Whether you are putting any statements or examples, make sure they all support your specific viewpoint. It will help you conquer the dreadful idea of writing an essay.

5)   Look Out For a Creative Breakthrough

Find out the creative angle of your essay so that you can sound genuine. A perfect blend of creativity with your voice makes your essay a right fit for the audience. But, this is not the case with report writing. No pinch of creativity is required for reports. Make sure you confirm the report writing checklist before writing a report.

6)   Draft Honest Opinions and Experiences

If you want to make your essay insanely effective, it’s worth sharing your own experiences. Include the situation, the action you have taken, and the things that you have learnt. Don’t say what others want to hear. Give your honest opinion right away.

7)   Gather Feedback from People Around You

Once you are done with the creation of your draft, show it to your friends, family, and even mentors. They are the right audience to know whether your essay is reflecting the idea or story you want to convey. Take their feedback seriously, but retain with the your voice. If you at any point feel that the essay is sounding like more of your friend’s voice, something is definitely wrong.

8)   Proofread the Draft and Rectify It

The final phase calls for a careful self-evaluation as your essay may still contain some typos or grammatical mistakes that nobody noticed. Give it a thorough read as many times as you can until you find any scope of improvement. In fact, you should ask someone who haven’t read it at all. Insights from that person can help you tweak the mistakes you can’t catch even after reading it multiple times.

Hope these tips will help you overcome the fear of putting your words on paper – whether you write an essay, notice, or report. Keep writing, keep improving!

Author: Kaylyn Gabriele

Kaylyn Gabriel is an abroad computer networking school teacher who runs educational programs imparting Networking skills and techniques to aspiring students. Apart from this she is a very good photographer. She likes exploring the wild life of the world. She likes exploring the wild life of the world. You can catch her of Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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