Edythe Kirchmaier, 105, Is Oldest Facebook User

Edythe Kirchmaier, Facebook, oldest Facebook user,

Edythe Kirchmaier may be more than two thirds of a century older than the largest age group on Facebook but the lady won’t be left behind.

Born on January 22, 1908, Kirchmaier is 105 years old and is the oldest Facebook user not only in the United States of America but around the world.

The centenarian has beaten fellow centenarian Florence Deltor who previously held the title of oldest Facebook user at the age of 101.

Kirchmaier joined Facebook sometime last month with the hope of gaining more attention for Direct Relief International where she has been a volunteer for more than four decades.

“I did it to help my favorite charity. I believe in the work they are doing. They do outstanding work in a disaster,” Kirchmaier tells the New York Daily News in an interview.

Her account which can be seen here now has nearly 23,000 followers and has surely gained Direct Relief International a lot of attention.

According to the interview, the old lady’s Facebook page has 78,000 likes.

Kirchmaier, since her story went viral, has been a guest to shows like Ellen and Access Hollywood Live not counting the attention he has gotten from the news media.

In the same interview, Kerri Murray, a worker at the organization Edythe Kirchmaier volunteers in says that the woman has had trouble registering for Facebook.

According to her, Facebook kept saying Kirchmaier’s age was “invalid” when the grandmother was setting up the account.

She says that they tried really hard at first to contact people from Facebook to help them create an account for the old lady which recognizes her age.

According to Murray, when they finally got through to people in Facebook, engineers at the social network needed three weeks to make a special code that would allow this certain account to have an age set outside the boundaries of what the social network deems as normal.

Fortunately, her account has been live ever since and the page reflects the old lady’s lifestyle.

The account includes a lot of pictures of the woman smiling. It also includes photos of her during her 105th birthday.

Described in the interview as “happy” and a “positive thinker”, Kirchmaier is also still very active.

She still drives and has not gotten a ticket in the 86 years she has been driving. She has a busy schedule dominated by making crafts and socializing with friends but she still has time for her volunteer work every week.

Edythe Kirchmaier, Facebook, oldest Facebook user,

Images from Edythe Kirchmaier on Facebook

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