e-PR CEO Yury Mosha Discusses the Future of Public Relations

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Е-PR online. Disrupting the pr industry using the power of AI and technological innovation to democratize public relations and make them acceptable to the common person.

Hello, dear investors! I’m Irina Proskurina, CEO of E-PR Online – the New York based digital PR agency that’s revolutionizing the public relations domain and has already brought real value to more than 100 clients. Historically, PR was an exclusive strategy reserved for affluent clientele and corporations boasting huge budgets. Traditional PR agencies notoriously lack transparency and flexibility, particularly leaving clients in the dark about which media outlets would publish their content. At E-PR Online, we have found a way to respond to the growing market demand for the digitalization of PR services. Brands and professionals increasingly migrate online, and they seek agile solutions. With this factor in mind, we have redefined the paradigm by making PR affordable, scalable, and customizable for everyone. Our versatile, feature-laden digital marketplace ensures that PR becomes an engaging and accessible experience for clients of all sizes and niches.

Our extensive media catalog features over 15,000 reputable outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg TechCrunch, The New York Times, Vogue, and others, giving clients the opportunity to handpick their target publications. We aim to increase our catalog to 100,000 media in the next 3 years. Additionally, we provide top-tier copywriting services, ensuring that our clients’ messages are both compelling and effective. We have been incorporating AI and other cutting-edge technology to make writing and editing a seamless process with high-quality results. And with our cutting-edge platform, clients can customize their PR campaigns, consulting our team of professionals to make informed decisions and optimize their results. We are planning to introduce a subscription-based model with detailed media analytics and other features for our clients. 

E-PR Online has seen exponential growth in sales and the expansion of our client base since its very launch. We owe this success not only to our innovative approach to PR, but also to our stellar tea of professionals. I have gathered the best media analytics experts, sales professionals, copywriters, managers, and other specialists. Every member of our team is devoted to making E-PR Online grow and become the industry leader. As an investor in E-PR Online, you’ll be part of a forward-thinking brand that’s transforming the way businesses approach PR. Together, we’ll make E-PR Online the go-to solution for companies and individuals seeking impactful and measurable PR strategies. Embark on this extraordinary journey with us, and let’s revolutionize public relations together. Invest in E-PR online today!

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