e-PR CEO Yury Mosha Discusses the Future of Public Relations

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e-PR CEO Yury Mosha Discusses the Future of Public Relations

How the Company Came About and Where it is Headed

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Yury Mosha, CEO of e-PR, an online PR firm, sat down and discussed where the idea for the company came from, and what he sees in store for the future amidst a global pandemic.

How did you come up with the idea for e-PR?

I have an immigration company, Second Passport, which has been around for 10 years now. We were interested in getting publications about us in various media to get advertising and to bring awareness to our brand to attract new clients. Our target market was the Russian audience, as those are our main clients. So, we would order articles in top publications in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. For this, we would outsource copywriters to create content and find media options by ourselves.

This was a long process to do alone, and a very lengthy one at that. Certain countries do not take the same currency, so we had to work around that, and at times, media sites did not even answer our queries. I thought that it would be really great if there was a service where all of the media websites were in one place, and that one can look through filters such as demographic, geographic location, and costs. Alongside having these sites on there, it also came to mind to have copywriters available to create this content for businesses as well. So, the idea for e-PR was created.

What makes e-PR different from other PR companies?

A traditional PR company does offer the services that we do, but they work with older methods. You have to call or email them, where you also need to go through an administrative process. This is costly and takes a long time. We decided that we need to automate this process, as it is the 21st century. We believe that a client should be able to browse through different media options and see for themselves what is out there.

So, we sought out to create an Amazon platform for PR. We will eventually have all of the media platforms on our website from all across on the world in a catalog where clients can choose from. This speeds up the process and makes the cost lower, since we do not have all of the administrative personnel that a traditional company needs to get the same amount of work done.

Pictured: CEO Yury Mosha.

However, if the client is interested in communicating with us and having our help, we can offer these services as well.

Who is the platform for? What type of clients are you hoping to attract?

The platform is for businesses and people who are interested in growing their personal brand. For example, a model is interested in expanding their own image so that her name appears in Google to book more gigs. The platform is also for SEO companies. To expand a website, you need backlinks. SEO companies can work with us to get articles published with backlinks in the media for their clients. There are also a lot of copywriters that offer to their customers to get their article published in the media. Copywriters can come to our platform, choose a media for the article placement, and offer it to their client. We plan on offering a discount for SEO companies and copywriters, so that it will be cheaper for them to work with us than with the media straight-on.

What other services can you offer clients, alongside article publication?

As I stated before, we plan on offering copywriting services. We also offer translating services for texts. We offer rewriting for clients who want to make edits or changes to the content. With that, we also can create long-term media strategies for a year onward.

How do you ensure that clients are reaching their goals (reaching the top of Google, publishing in certain media)?

First off, each media platform has a certain domain authority and indexing on Google. We already know which websites will quickly index with Google. There is also Google Search, which is the main function, and there is also Google News. In Google News, we can immediately tell a client whether or not their article will appear in that section. If the website indexes on Google News, then the article will 100% appear there, as this has been tested time and time again. In the text itself, certain keywords should be included to index better as well. In this, it is very important to create the right title for the article. In some media websites, it may take longer to appear in Google, but it will happen regardless.

I do want to say that ordering just one article is not enough. If someone is searching information about you on Google, it is better for your image to have multiple publications about you. Budgeting here is important, as you can order one article in a more expensive media, two in less expensive media sites, and then let’s say three in very cheap publications. You will cover all your bases this way.

When it comes to social media, how important do you believe it is for your brand and for companies in general?

As of right now, we do not cover social media. In the future, we plan to offer services to clients to purchase content and ads from influencers on various platforms, as well as YouTube.

Pictured: CEO Yury Mosha

As a whole, social media promotion is very important, as well as social media management. For now, we are focused on the media aspect of advertising.

Where do you think the PR industry is headed in the future?

I see that it is moving to digital. Traditional journals, magazines, and T.V. is becoming a thing of the past. The internet is everything. So, the right content and the right hashtags can do a lot for a company. Getting to a top position in Google is possible and essential for all brands now more than ever.

How have you kept your business successful with COVID-19?

Thankfully, we have not been affected negatively by COVID-19. We managed to stay afloat, and WFH when it was necessary. Our company is moving forward, and I do not believe that this pandemic will have an effect on the PR industry, only if to move it even more so towards online.

What are your plans for the company for 2021, especially considering the pandemic?

In the future, we plan on expanding the company into various markets such as Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and other countries. We want to have all options open for clients, so they can choose media publications from anywhere in the world. As I also said, we plan on expanding our services to move into the social media market, and to expand our media options as well. In 2021, we plan on growing our client base, and expanding our market reach.

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