E-Commerce Companies Saw an Increase Referral Traffic from Pinterest

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Do you use Pinterest to market your products or raise awareness about your brand? Or do you use Facebook or Instagram more? Although other social networking sites can drive more traffic to your website, some e-commerce companies are getting lots of referral traffic coming from Pinterest.

E-Commerce Companies Saw an Increase Referral Traffic from Pinterest

E-Commerce Companies Saw an Increase Referral Traffic from Pinterest

As the world of e-commerce is bracing for the holidays, most online retailers are relying on their traffic coming from search or people who directly access their sites or applications. But a few retailers now are seeing a growing chunk of traffic from Pinterest.

These companies are pulling a great amount of audiences from said networking site, which is suited for all types of driven shoppers.

According to SimilarWeb, the Dot & Bo company obtained more than 70 percent of their social traffic from Pinterest this year. The company blends lifestyle content while helping its customers to shop online.

Pinterest is a great place where companies can turn to when they need to advertise their products through digital images. Their potential clients can go there to find some ideas when they need to renovate their homes or organize their rooms, for example.

Many people are using this social networking site to view digital images of some companies and individuals to get some ideas if they are planning big evens, like kitchen makeover or a wedding.

But Dot & Bo is not the only company that pulls in great amount of referral traffic from Pinterest. Etsy and Pottery Barn are just two of the companies that enjoyed referral traffic from said networking site.

However, Wal-Mart and Target only saw a small percentage of traffic from networking sites. Most of their traffic came from search and direct traffic.

How these companies obtain huge amount of referral traffic from Pinterest?

They are active on Pinterest. These companies have a team of social media marketers that post content regularly and engage with users as needed. Essentially, they know how to make it work for their brands.

As regards to competition with Facebook, the social traffic that these companies obtained from Facebook is almost the same as the traffic they received from Pinterest.

One of the big reasons these companies are gaining a lot of referral traffic from it is that their account is all about curation. They also take advantage of the site’s wish list.

Some brands can easily fit into the visual mould of Pinterest. Chefs, for instance, can use it to build brand awareness while satisfying their customer desire.

When you make a simple search on it, you will come across hundreds of portals that sell the product that you want to have. This approach is what makes the networking site useful. Then, if you mix it with an engaging approach when you communicate with your customers, you are setting yourself on the road for success.

On Pinterest, you can set your account to either for business or personal. When you choose the latter, you will need to sign up for its free business account and agree to its terms of service. The key to finding success on Pinterest is to find a niche and a unique way to entice customers/followers.

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