Dropbox will Update App to Support Apple Silicon (After Outrage)

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It has been clarified by the company’s CEO. 

Dropbox Native Apple Silicon App 

After a forum outrage, Dropbox confirmed that it’s going to update its Mac app to support Apple Silicon. However, it will be coming in 2022. Thus, users will need to wait a little more. 

In a previous forum thread, Dropbox staffers claimed that for the company to release a native app for Apple Silicon computers, it needs more support. 

The thread was three-months-old. But it has resurfaced on Twitter. It sparked complaints from its users. They were disappointed. The thread suggested that Dropbox would only develop the native app if more customers would ask for it. 

Dropbox can work with Apple Silicon hardware through Rosetta 2 software translation layer. However, it won’t be memory efficient if it doesn’t run natively. It’s important to note that Apple will stop supporting Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon. In that case, all non-native apps will no longer work. 

Responses Not Ideal

Drew Houston, Dropbox’s CEO, clarified that the service will support Apple Silicon. He tweeted that his company is working on it for a while now and it’s aiming to release it in the first quarter of 2022. He apologized for the thread responses and considered them as not ideal. 

The thread included posts from representatives of Dropbox who were not aware of the existing M1 app project. When Dropbox users saw that thread, they were frustrated and they talked about using other alternative cloud storage providers. 

Even though the CEO clarified and confirmed that there will be a native app to support Apple Silicon, many are questioning whether users will continue to use Dropbox. How many of them are willing to wait to get access to the native app? 

Dropbox may still be one of the best cloud storage providers. However, it’s facing stiff competition in the market. Its alternatives offer better support. 

In June 2020, Tim Cook announced the company’s two-year plan. It means that Dropbox will have a shorter period to make the transition. As mentioned, Dropbox is not power-efficient if it doesn’t run natively. It drains the battery under Rosetta. 

Besides Dropbox, Evernote, too, is saying that it would think about whether or not to provide a native app to support Apple Silicon. 

But people can’t blame these developers. Making a Mac app requires an investment. These developers might not be earning enough from creating a Mac app. 

In that case, if you have an Apple Silicon computer and you’re using non-native apps, it’s time to ask their developers whether or not they’re going to build support for your computer. 

If they can’t give you a definite answer, it might be time to find alternatives. 

Yes, there are alternatives to Dropbox. Google Drive, for instance, is now offering full M1 Mac support. Or you can stick to Apple iCloud. It’s a feasible contender for group file sharing. It works best on the Apple platform but it’s still a good contender. 

And if you’re looking for an Evernote alternative, you can always opt for Apple Notes. Apple has released several improvements, like Quick Note.

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