DotNetNuke Modifies the User Interface of its WCM system

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dotnetnukeDotNetNuke has modified the user interface of its namesake Web content Management (WCM) system, which is now simpler than the previous version, reports PCWorld.

The new product, DotNetNuke 6.0, has added features to connect to the cloud and to Microsoft SharePoint. Web 2.0-style technologies such as Ajax and jQuery have been used in the new interface. As a result, any change in a specific part of the page brings changes only in that part rather than the entire page. Other features of the new product include use of more windows and pop-up dialog boxes, more template features for building sites, and a fresh administration console.

“This is a very significant release from our perspective,” said DotNetNuke CTO and co-founder Shaun Walker.

The code base for the new version was rewritten in the C# language, thus making the customization easier for third parties. “We’ve seen a migration in the Microsoft developer community from Visual Basic to C# as the language of choice, especially in the larger enterprise space,” said Walker.

The enterprise edition of the product offers connectivity to Microsoft SharePoint. The professional and enterprise editions can also be connected to Amazon Web Services and Windows Azure. These versions also have a new eCommerce module. One can use this module for conducting online sales.

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