Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

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Enterprise video conferencing is something that many corporate entities across the world are adopting in order to lower their overall operating costs and overheads. However, because of the nature of the video conferencing, many professionals are unaware as to what constitutes good etiquette when it comes to meetings of this nature. Generally speaking, if something should not be done in a physical meeting, then it probably isn’t okay to do it in a virtual meeting either. It is important to take into account the type of meeting and the atmosphere of the gathering that you find yourself involved in. It’s good to keep these pointers in mind when dealing with any sort of online video conferencing:


Do Be Courteous to Other People

In this constantly connected world, it is very easy to be overlooking others’ feelings. Being courteous and polite as if it were a real meeting is a great place to start. It ensures that you set precedence for your dealings with people throughout the course of the meeting and even the entirety of your relationship with them over multiple contracts. Giving people respect is a good way to put people at ease around you online.

Be Punctual

Nothing says disorganized white like being late to a scheduled meeting, especially if that meeting is online. Being prompt and on time is critical to making a great first impression as well as showing how professional and well-prepared you are for the meeting. You should also have all the things you need prepared beforehand to carry across the impression of preparedness throughout the meeting session.

Don’t be Distracting

Online video conferencing is very close to actually being in a room with the person you are having the meeting with. Because of that, your attention should be focused on the person on the other end of the conference call. Try not to do anything that would be considered distracting (such as answering or checking your phone) since this could lead to them losing their train of thought. No one likes being derailed when they are trying to discuss an important issue.

Do Speak Clearly

Nothing is quite as annoying as trying to decipher someone else’s speech because they are mumbling. This is true both online and in person. Speaking clearly demonstrates your knowledge and confidence in what you’re speaking about. Mumbling is very likely going to get you noted as someone who can’t speak clearly or properly when they are communicating with other people. In an online presence, communication is the most concrete thing that the participants have and anything that affects that negatively is generally not a good trait to display.

Don’t Shout

On the opposite end of the spectrum is acting as if you’re in the middle of a football match. It is fine to get excited over something but it’s not fine to scream over the microphone and speak at an obnoxiously loud tone of voice. In a medium where voice communication usually determines the tone of the discussion, shouting can be one of the worst things you can possible do to get your point across. You would be much better served limiting your volume and discussing the point in a rational manner.

Don’t Interrupt

One of the most annoying things that a person can do in any sort of communication situation is to interrupt someone before they are done speaking. For some people it is an unavoidable fact of life, but when you’re faced with a meeting situation then you should take into account that your opinion is still valid even if you have to wait a few minutes to give it. Allowing someone to speak in completeness gives them more of an inclination to hear you speak as well. You should grant the other person the same kind of respect you expect from them.

Do Maintain Eye Contact

Looking into the camera allows for you to maintain eye contact with the person you are communicating with. Although it’s not exactly the same as looking into their eyes, it’s a very good substitute since it simulates the sincerity of keeping eye contact with a person. In a business environment, this sociological cue is a type of body language that denotes you both as equals. It also allows the other person who you are communicating with to feel more relaxed and at ease with you.

There are quite a number of etiquette tips that can be used in a video conferencing environment but these are the ones that stand out the most and make the most impact in a video conference meeting. Companies such as Blue Jeans offer solutions for video conferencing that can appeal to any corporate entity, but they can’t teach etiquette, that’s something that comes from your own personal dedication to respecting the person on the other end of the line. Keeping in mind that meetings are usually where people draw their conclusions about a client or prospective partner, and you’ll see exactly how important proper video conferencing etiquette can be.

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