DoorDash Lets You Order Alcohol

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It can deliver alcohol across 20 states, Canada, the District of Columbia, and Australia. 

On Monday, DoorDash announced that its customers can now buy alcohol through the app. The move aims to help the company’s growth. By allowing people to order drinks through the app, it might drive more people to use it more often. 

Boosting Average Orders

DoorDash stated that it could boost restaurants’ average order values. 

“Over the past year, many cities where we operate evolved their legislation in order to permit the delivery of alcohol to residents’ homes. Over that time, we worked tirelessly to build a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience for merchants, customers and Dashers. We’re committed to providing new earning opportunities for merchants and Dashers, a safe, high quality experience for customers, and being a responsible leader in compliant alcohol delivery.” – Caitlin Macnamara, Director, Alcohol Strategy & Operations at DoorDash

This is a win-win for the app’s audiences. With huge orders, restaurant owners can sell more food options and alcohol while their workers can earn more. 

However, this new feature is only available in 20 states, along with the District of Columbia, Australia, and Canada. It would help the company reach over 100 million customers around the world. But what states will allow this service? The company didn’t state it. 

But if you wish to know if you can order alcohol through DoorDash, you can visit the app, if there’s an alcohol tab option, you can start to order beer, wine, and spirits from various grocery stores, restaurants, local retailers, and other stores. 

However, the app will check your ID first before accepting your order. Then, during delivery, you will need to present the ID. 

Before the announcement on Monday, merchants have started offering alcohol through DoorDash Drive. It’s the app’s white-label fulfillment service. This service allows gig workers to deliver your orders from the merchants. 

But DoorDash isn’t the only delivery app that offers alcohol delivery. Uber and GoPuff also added it to their services. 

However, the additional services of these apps only irked anti-addiction groups.

Pandemic Triggered Alcohol Sales Online 

The current pandemic triggered the increasing online alcohol sales. In 2020, the sales increased up to 80% compared to the year before that. 

The app would deliver from 10,000 retailers. Customers could order food from a certain retailer and the driver can pick up a cocktail from another shop. 

DoorDash has a lot of alcohol partnerships, including Total Wine and More, which has over 200 stores across the US. 

This year, Uber bought Drizly, an alcohol e-commerce platform, for $1.1 billion. With the deal, alcohol retailers that operate in 1,200 cities in the US were brought on board. 

Another delivery app, GoPuff, is also riding the trend. Months before Uber acquired Drizly, GoPuff announced that it has bought BevMo!, an alcohol retail chain. It’s a different approach from Uber because the deal allows GoPuff to have its own alcohol inventory. 

GoPuff, too, added other convenience items, like snacks and toiletries. 

During the pandemic, these apps benefited from the food delivery trends.

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