Do You Share These Details On Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site that aims to help you share a part of your life to others. But over-sharing can have a negative effect to your personal and professional life.

Do You Share These Details On Facebook?

Do You Share These Details On Facebook?

On this list, you will find some details of your life that you must NEVER share to others on Facebook. They must be kept to yourself.

Personal Cell Phone Number

This is one of the details that scammers and identity thieves look into when they stalk you on Facebook.

However, it is perfectly all right to disclose your business phone number so your customers can easily contact you.

If you do want to share your personal phone or mobile number, you should hide it on your profile. Make sure that it is only you who can see your phone.

Home Address

On your Facebook page, it is a must that you share your business address but NEVER your home address.

Think about how those nefarious people would use this information and do terrible things to you while you are at home.

Go to your personal FB and edit your Contact and Basic Info section. Then, delete your home address on the Neighborhood field.

And if you are creating an event and the event’s address is at your home, you should not disclose the address publicly.

Instead, tell those people you have invited to send you a private message for the address of the event.

Check the other events that you have posted on Facebook with your home address in them. And delete them.

Relationship Status

When you change your status from married to complicated, it will not only encourage your friends to like your status but it will also draw attention to scammers who specialize in “lover scams.”

Who these scammers are? They are people who will create a romantic connection with you on Facebook.

When they sensed that they have made that connection with you, they will start to ask money from you.

Thus, it is just easier to remove your relationship status on Facebook, whether you are married, single or in a complicated relationship.

Related to Work

Never put information on your personal FB that will reveal where you are working. If your boss will search his/her employees on Facebook, your boss might find a post or a photo of you that may cause him/her to fire you.

Likewise, you should not post information that is work-related as hackers would use that information to hack into your account. Bear in mind that hackers’ first stop when trying to get information about their victims is social media.

Scan your past posts now and remove those pieces of information about your current job and past work, especially if those details are of complaining nature.

Your boss might see them and he/she might change his/her opinion of you. That is, from positive to negative.

Over to You

Do you share these pieces of information to your Facebook “friends?” What other details you might want to add to this list. Please share us your thoughts.

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