Do Online Reviews Matter?

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Do Online Reviews Matter?

If you want to try out a new restaurant or hotel, do you check out online reviews beforehand? You don’t have to deny it. In a study conducted by Trustpilot, the majority of consumers today read an online review to help them make a final decision in purchasing a product.

That said, if you have a business, you shouldn’t ignore Yelp reviews.

Consumers rely on online reviews to get to know more about a company or assist them in their purchasing decisions. For your business to thrive, make sure that your customer feedback is accessible online. It should be displayed on your website every step of the buying process.

These consumers read reviews before they even visit a company’s website. They also read a review before they even add an item to the site’s virtual shopping cart.

What kind of information do they want to know?

Consumers who read online reviews valued overall ratings of a company. They also consider the number of reviews published.

These consumers would provide their option or review if they’re prompted. They’re also more inclined to write a negative review for a negative experience than to write a review about their positive experience.

Despite their reliance on online reviews, most of these consumers don’t consider reviews as trustworthy.

As a business owner, how can you obtain ?

Evaluate the ratings you already have

You can’t get good reviews if your customers aren’t happy with your products or services. Asking for user reviews won’t help improve a bad first impression.

That said, make sure that you’ve resolved all issues that bothered your customers.

Ask for reviews

Do Online Reviews Matter?

Do Online Reviews Matter?

Don’t ask for good reviews. Rather, ask your customers to review your products or services after delivering them.

But you must only do it at the end of the transaction. When you ask for reviews, make sure to tell them that their opinion matter a lot, and you always check it daily.

Engage them online

If your target market is under 30, it’s not ideal to ask them to post a review. What you can do here is to engage them on social media.

For instance, you may create a business Twitter account or a Facebook page. These consumers are accustomed to posting their reviews on social media about every experience they have.

That said, they’re most likely to share what they think about your products and services without having to encourage them.

Answer bad reviews quickly

When you receive negative or bad reviews, never defend your company. It’ll only make things worse. Firing back at the customer will never resolve the issue.

Instead, thank the negative reviewer for the feedback and apologize to him/her for the bad experience.

Once you have resolved the issue, that customer will update his/her negative review and turn it into a positive one. That is if you act quickly.

Remember that you can’t please everyone

The more reviews you receive, the more likely you will get bad reviews, even if you offer your customers the best products or services. That’s because some people are hard to please.

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