Digg Relaunches After Six Weeks, Comes With Better Facebook and Twitter Integration

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Betaworks has unveiled its newly reconstructed social news site Digg.

As part of a promise to be kept by new parent company Betaworks, the six-week proposed timetable for the release of its more enhanced news site, labeled Digg v1, has now officially been realized, a day ahead of its original schedule on Tuesday.

Posted on its social news site blog today, Betaworks stressed, “On July 20, we announced that we were turning Digg back into a startup and rebuilding it from scratch in six weeks. After an intense month and a half, we managed to get the new Digg up and running on a fresh code base and infrastructure. We now have a solid foundation on which to build, and we expect to build fast.”


Included in the new site’s update is a new feature that allows the integration of Twitter and Facebook, as well as a more lustrous, redesigned home page, with each headline now supported by images at the top.

digg v1

Some of the labels have been removed, such as the “Newsrooms”, “Newsbar” and “Newswire”, and has now been replaced with a single Digg feed that serves as the social news site’s highlights, named, “Top Stories”, “Popular Stories”, and “Upcoming,” which allows access to recent events.

Meanwhile, the “Comments” function, considered as one of the most fundamental features, is unfortunately absent but only for the meantime. In a report given by the BBC, this lack is because the Betaworks team needs a longer timetable in the development of an effective system for the function.

Still, the firm asserts that even if its launch was a “milestone”, it is more excited about “what’s coming next.” That is, the company does not just end with redesigning the physical aspect of the site, rather it still has plans to further improve the site’s user experience.

“In the subsequent weeks and months we will introduce network-based personalization features to make Digg a more relevant and social experience, experiment with new commenting features, [and] continue to iterate Digg for mobile web,” explained Betaworks.

Betaworks has made plans to include features like “Reading List”, which provides different views of the top stories found on Digg, and supplementary data that will aid users to understand better the reason for the trending of a specific story.

The company has also added that it will be offering its users the chance to make product suggestions, related to their preferences.

“We will launch an API so that members of the development community can build all the products that we haven’t even thought of yet.”

Earlier this month, Digg has announced its acquisition by Betaworks for a cut price of only $500,000, a far cry from the supposed-to-be $175 million company value. The community-based news ranking website that has been running for seven years now, has moved its focus on modernizing its mission “to discover the best stuff on the web” for this year.

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Source: Digg

Image: Owen Byrne via Flickr (CC)

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