Designing a Social Media Profile for Your Small Business

Designing a Social Media Profile for Your Small Business

Designing a Social Media Profile for Your Small Business

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Whether you’re trying to build brand awareness, promote a new product or service, or harvest potential new clients, social media is a platform you can’t afford to overlook. Starting as a chatroom or virtual hangout for friends and family to socialize, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become useful tools for business. Companies large and small have leveraged these mediums to connect with their target audiences and increase revenue potential. 

Successfully utilizing social media for business isn’t simple. Marketers, CEOs, influencers, and entrepreneurs alike must learn how to present themselves in a professional yet entertaining way that captures their audience’s attention and sets them apart from the competition. This all starts with a well-designed profile. 

First Impressions Are Everything

Much like your company website, your social media profile serves as a virtual business card or first impression for potential clients. If not presented in the right way, you could ruin your reputation and miss out on otherwise lucrative opportunities to advance your brand. Preventing this from happening will require you to pay close attention to these social media profile tips. 

Profile Name

What name do you want your brand to be associated with? While your profile name can be edited when necessary, it’s best to select the appropriate display or profile name the first time. This is the name that will pop up in search results. It is the first name visitors will see and associate with your business. Therefore, you don’t want to select blindly. The most common option would be to choose the name of the company or your full name if they’re available. Pseudonyms are also very popular profile names. 

Profile Picture

After selecting a name, you’ll need to upload an image or photograph. Whatever you choose will be the first picture your audience views. It will also be the image that pops up in search results and other digital platforms associated with your social media account. Many business professionals prefer to upload their company logos, others like the idea of personalizing it by adding a photo of themselves. 

When it comes to selecting a profile picture for your business account, consider your business’s nature. If you’re a freelance writer or an influencer, you might gain more followers by posting a picture in some cargo shorts, a polo t-shirt, and some sneakers while working from your laptop in Miami. However, if you’re the CEO of a major tech company that prefers not to associate themselves with the brand, a logo is ideal. 

Company Bio

The worst thing you could do is have a catchy profile name, a professional picture, and no bio. Though it varies from one social media site to the next, the bio is the part of your profile where you describe your business. When interested parties click to learn more about you, the last thing they want to see is a blank page or basic information they could get from a quick internet search. 

In a few sentences or less, you have to paint the audience a picture of your company and how it can best serve them. However, instead of using jargon they can barely understand, write it in a way that prompts them to follow you, do more research, support your cause, sign-up for your newsletter, or make a purchase. 


Social media sites like Facebook allow users to share personal interests with others. This is another section that is commonly skipped by business professionals that shouldn’t be. By sharing your interests, you give followers more insight into who you are as a person and brand. Who knows? You can draw in new audiences based on the books you’ve read, your favorite television shows or movies, the places you’ve traveled, and the causes you support. 

Whether you’re new to business or have been at it for a while, a well-designed social media account can take your brand to new heights. It creates an opportunity for you to connect with your target customers on a personal level which works to cultivate stronger relationships and build a better business. Give the right first impression by using the above social media profile tips, to create an account that grabs your audiences’ attention and generates loyal clients. 

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