Design student’s Apple logo for Steve Jobs causes sensation in the world of Internet

When Jonathan Mak, a design student from Hong Kong, was making the apple logo in tribute to its Founder Steve Jobs, he had no idea that he is creating something that would cause sensation in the world of Internet. Now Mak feels “flattered” after knowing that his somber logo, made as a tribute to Jobs, has become highly popular on Internet.

Mak’s design features a black background and displays Jobs’s silhouette incorporated into the bite of a white Apple logo.

“I feel so unreal,’ told 19-year-old Jonathan Mak to AFP. Mak is a student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has received hundreds of messages on his Twitter account in the last 2 days.


Many newspapers have approached him to buy the copyright for using logo. He has also received many job offers from different companies. Some merchandisers have even used his logo in commemorative memorabilia for Jobs.

“I am flattered by the attention but I would like to focus on my study before taking on any full-time job,” said Mak while talking to AFP. “I’m quite busy now actually as I’m trying to finish a school project.”


According to Mak, the first thought about this logo came up in his mind when Jobs resigned from his post in late August. However, his logo became popular only after the death of Steve Jobs. For Mak, Steve was the main inspiration in creation of this Apple logo.

“He was a minimalist, which is the way I would like to emphasize in my design — fewer elements but a powerful message.”
Mak told AFP that he is thinking of contacting Apple to avoid any copyright issues as his own design is based on Apple’s logo.

Author: Firdaus

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