Dell Mobile Connect Shutting Down

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The shutdown is earlier for the US, Canada, and Japan.

Dell Mobile Connect

Do you connect your iOS or Android phones to your Dell computer? If you do, then be ready for this bad news. Dell announced on its support page that it is shutting down Mobile Connect. This program syncs your phone’s calls, notifications, and texts to your computer. 

On November 30, users from the US, Canada, and Japan can no longer download the Dell Mobile Connect software and the app will be discontinued on January 31, 2023. If you are outside those three countries, you can’t download the app starting July 31, 2022, and it will be discontinued on November 30 this year. 

The software is available on G-Series, Alienware, Bluetooth-enabled Inspiron, and its Consumer XPS devices. The program requires the companion app to integrate PC and smartphone. With this app, users can interact remotely with their smartphones from their computers. They can reply to SMS messages or receive phone calls. 

Although it is useful for some users, Dell does not think it should continue. Before those dates come, you should uninstall either the Dell Mobile Connect or Alienware Mobile Connect. Dell said that when you uninstall the program, it will free up storage space. It also boosts the device experience. 

Dell introduced Dell Mobile Connect in 2018. At that time, Dell described it as a huge convenience as users could respond to text messages or view phone motivations from their computer. How it works is similar to Apple’s ecosystem. 

It worked seamlessly. Each time a call came in, it would appear on your computer screen. Many were hoping that Dell would expose it to more users. For them, this functionality was a great thing for usability. It was a huge advantage for Dell because the app could sync calls and messages from iPhones. 

Dell was not the first one to ship an app like Dell Mobile Connect. Windows Cortana already handled most of these features. HP also started offering texts, calls, and sync notifications through PhoneWise. But the functionality was limited. 

Is Dell Mobile Connect Going Away for Good? 

Not really. It is important to note that in 2021, Intel bought Screenovate. It is the software behind Dell mobile Connect. It is a platform that provides solutions to control and manage iOS and Android devices on Windows. During a CES 2022 presentation, Intel presented how this tool would allow iPhone users to access their SMS and iMessage on Windows. It could also show data from the Health app. 

Last year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that he would want iMessage on Windows. Apple, unfortunately, has not expressed interest in making this possible. 

Even though Dell Mobile Connect is going away, there are alternatives to it. Phone Link, for instance, is a free program that can sync your phone calls, SMS messages, and other apps. However, the features will only work on some phones. 

Dell Mobile Connect works with both iOS and Android phones. It has better performance than Phone Link because it uses special drivers.

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