Dell Apologizes To Women After Misogynous Comments

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Dell Apologizes To Women After Misogynous Comments. (Image: ethan lindsey, via Flickr / CC)

Dell has vented out its apology to all women on social networking site Google+ concerning comments delivered by a company representative at one of its events.

While it is uncommon for a tech firm to acknowledge faults and mistakes to a gender group, it is also uncommon to hire guest speakers that release misogyny, or hatred for women, at events previously known to be courteous.

Christiane Vejlø, a blogger for Elektonista, unfortunately heard such sharp comments as she attended the said event where most onlookers felt sleepy to Michael Dell’s keynote but aroused to action by outspoken Dutch celebrity Mads Christensen’s remarks.

She blogs,

I am in a state of shock realizing that a large professional company as Dell will consciously hire someone with the well-known agenda Mads Christensen has.

I have a really hard time seeing how the communication team in such a big organization can justify booking a speaker/moderator that always talks with the agenda that women should shut up and men should learn to tell them that.

Christensen vehemently proposed the aforementioned notion to urge men in attendance in saying “shut up bitch” to their female partners upon returning home.

Vejlø also quoted him as saying,

The IT business is one of the last frontiers that manage to keep women out. The quota of women to men in your business is sound and healthy.

Dell’s HR department may have made some mistake in marking him as a guest speaker thus Dell wrote a public apology in a Google+ post:

Mads Christensen made a number of inappropriate and insensitive remarks about women. Dell sincerely apologizes for these comments. Going forward, we will be more careful selecting speakers at Dell events.

As members of our Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) know, Dell is an enthusiastic and committed advocate of women in business and IT. These comments do not reflect Dell’s company values and undermine much of the work we’ve done in support of women in the workplace overall.

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