Deepfake Bots on Telegram Created 104,000 Fake Nudes

Sensity discovered that the bots generated approximately 104,000 fake nude photos of women.

Any person with a computer and Internet connection can produce a deep fake video. A deepfake technology will help people believe that something is real, even if it’s not. 

Experts have warned of the dangers of deepfakes. This is a powerful technology that can spread misinformation. 

In the case of deepfake bots on Telegram, this powerful technology abused thousands of women. The technology being used on Telegram is similar to the 2019 app DeepNude, which was shut down after launching. 

However, even though it has been killed, the app reached nearly 100,000 downloads within a few days. 

The code has been copied already. A version of it is being used on Telegram now. 

Deepfake bots on Telegram utilized AI to undress women. The idea behind it is to swap women’s clothes for realistic nude bodies. 

A cybersecurity company, Sensity AI, discovered the deepfake bots on the messaging app Telegram. Unlike the DeepNude, the bot uses a simpler user interface. 

That is, a user can easily send a photo through the app. Within minutes, the said user can receive the nude photo. What’s more frightening is that the service is free. It means that anyone can just use it. 

And if you have $1.50 to spare, you can remove the watermark on the fake photos. 

104,000 Fake Naked Women Photos

The cybersecurity company discovered in July 2020 that the bot had generated 104,000 naked photos of women. 

Within the last three months, the bots’ output increased by 200 percent. The deepfake photos of women aren’t all celebrities. 

Most people want to create fake photos of women that they know in real life. 

The victims don’t know that the fake images are spreading on the Internet. Furthermore, some of the photos featured underage kids. 

The actual number of deepfake photos generated by the bot is higher than 104,000. The cybersecurity company counted the images that have been shared publicly. Remember that the bot allows people to generate images privately. 

Users Mostly from Russia 

The technology hasn’t attracted English-speaking countries yet. The cybersecurity firm has not found widespread use of it in the UK, US, and Canada. But it will, eventually, if Telegram won’t take it down. 

Some 70% of the users come from Russia. The country had previously banned this messaging app. However, its officials lifted the ban in June. They considered it an important method for residents to find information and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As mentioned, creating deepfake photos using the bot is quite easy. Even if you don’t have technical knowledge about the bot, you can easily create the nudes you want. It’s as easy as uploading a photo of your choice to the messaging service. 

This is depressing. It won’t matter whether or not you have posted naked photos of yourself or shared any nudes with someone. Anyone can be a target. 

All the bot requires to generate a fake nude photo is an image of someone. It can be a celebrity or a person you know. 

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