Day is the new calendar app from Yahoo]

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If you are using an online calendar or a calendar app then you might be using something like Google Calendar or Outlook from Microsoft. But, there is another player on the horizon who will try to get a piece of the market. Its name is Day and is coming pretty soon!

According to TechCrunch Yahoo is working on Day, a new calendar app, and the company has called Jeremy Le Van, the co-founder of another calendaring app, Sunrise. LeVan sold it to Microsoft for over $100 million.

A Yahoo spokesperson said, “We are exploring different ways to better serve consumers and that includes new ideas around mobile-first time management, calendar and events.” 

The Day app is not accessible at the moment and it’s an invite-only closed alpha as it prepares for a bigger launch. But you can also sign up on the site.

The app is being built by people from the Yahoo Mail team, but it’s being treated “like a startup” and has been given a license to develop it independently. It doesn’t have any special Yahoo branding, and it won’t work with any Yahoo integrations. According to sources, it will work as a separate calendar app, just like Sunrise.

Besides calendar apps are very precious to people with a busy schedule and help them organize their day much better. Also, it can work for both work or leisure, since many individuals have to juggle many errands at once. 

And platforms you have a calendar feature or provide a calendar app as a part of their service tend to have more people interact with their platform. This helps the users to have an organised schedule and platform to gather knowledge and information about the users’ behaviour and needs. Let’s take for example Google’s Calendar. It is often automatically, integrated with its wider suite of productivity and information services. This feature gives the company one more step on its ladder to keep users on the platform and have everything under one roof. 

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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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