Dark Mode coming to Android as Facebook begins gradual roll out

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After first appearing for some users a few months ago, dark mode for Android seems to be finally rolling out to users. The roll out is gradual and may not be immediately available for some users; so one might need to be a little patient.

Once it becomes widely available, all you have to do is go to the “Settings and Privacy” menu. A simple toggle will make it to be compatible with Android’s system-wide dark mode available from Android 10 upward. 

Facebook per XDA Developers, confirmed the official availability of the dark mode. In a statement, a spokesperson for the social media company said: 

We know people have been asking for dark mode, and they won’t have to wait much longer. People will start to see the option in their Facebook app settings as we roll it out globally.”

Other Facebook owned apps including WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger have all rolled out the dark mode at various times in the past. As a matter of fact, even the web version of Facebook as well as the Lite version already rolled out the dark mode; Facebook mobile now completes the list.

Facebook launched cloud games earlier in the week on Android and web; but failed to add a version for iOS users. Citing “arbitrary” Apple policies, the social media behemoth announced both web and Android users can try free-to-play games in seconds without exiting the platform. Per CNBC, users can play a game streamed from Facebook’s data centers without first downloading the game onto their devices. 

Of course there has to be a better explanation given to iOS users other than using its policies as excuses. “We don’t want people going to web Facebook 20 times a day. We have a great app,” Rubin said. “We would have to use Apple’s technology and browser on iOS, and that isn’t optimized to the benefit of cloud games.”

Lately, Apple tweaked its guidelines as regards its gaming services. The tech giant said that apps could offer a subscription to multiple games, but each game, however, needs to be approved by Apple and in its own app.

The New York Times had reported a few months ago that Facebook was planning to introduce an in-app for gaming. The app according to NYT, is designed for creating and watching live gameplay. The app is expected to be launched this Monday, and signifies the company’s bold step at moving into the mainstream of online gaming.

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