Daft Logic Studio Produce Listen music App for iOS

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Out with the old and in with the new. That is what Daft Logic Studio hopes will happen as they launch their Listen music app. This app allows you to discover your playlist in a whole new way. It is well made, with many creative features and special effects. The app, which sells for $0.99, is an iOS utility that provides users with a funky interface.

Listen Music App

A screen shot of the Listen Music App by Daft Logic

Additional control of your playlist has always been an added advantage for any music app, and Listen seems to have mastered this. Most people only get to enjoy the music experience with their ears, but with Listen, users will be able to enjoy literally hands-on control of their playlists and integrate with their preferred social media platforms.

Here is how it works: To play a song, just open the app on your iPhone, and it will randomly select a song from your playlist. If you don’t want to hear that one, simply skip it by swiping or dragging the centre icon to either the left or right of your screen. Drag the centre icon to the control icon and hold to forward or rewind to a particular part of a song. Move the icon up and down to adjust the volume.

The best part is that you can shuffle your music and play randomly selected songs, as well as share with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and on email. Though with minimal features, this app looks great and is easy and fun to use. User reviews claim that it’s a keeper.

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