Cyberbullying Infographic

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Cyberbullying is becoming a major issue for children and teens across America.

In fact, 72% of teens report being bullied online in the past year, with 25% the victim of repeat attacks.

Despite it’s prevalence, just 1 in 6 parents are aware their child is the victim of online bullying.


Very few teens report it because they feel ashamed (41%) or they are afraid about how their parents might react

This leads to ongoing issues that can quickly spiral into much larger long term problems like skipping school and depression.

So, how should parents respond?

To help answer this question and provide some additional insights, the team at [Rawhide Boys Ranch] ( have put together an infographic that covers cyberbullying prevalence rates, common types, offline consequences, as well as warning signs ad tips for parents.

You can find more information [here] (



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Author: Firdaus

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