CyanogenMod App Store In The Works

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The CyanogenMod team has confirmed work on an upcoming independent app store for Android devices.

The team of developers, specifically Koushik “Koush” Dutta, wanted to build an app store that would serve as a repository of all applications that Google removed from the Android Market such as one-click root apps, tether apps, game emulators and visual voicemail, among other.

While Android Market is open to all developers, Google occasionally screens some apps before publishing on the apps store and remove those that do not meet certain requirements.

Another major reason to create a CyanogenMod app store is to generate some money from app sales to support existing CyanogenMod projects, which does not demand payment from Android device owners from using the customized ROMs.


This is the boot sequence to CyanogenMod 6 RC3. Image: Johan Larsson via Flickr (CC)

Dutta admitted approaching Amazon to bundle the online retailer’s Appstore within CyanogenMod but the company turned down the offer after the team said it wants a cut from app sales.

The CyanogenMod store will also run on other Android devices, rather than strictly for the CyanogenMod ROM.

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