Crypto Miners are Hacking Cloud Accounts — Google Warns

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Cloud computing platforms can be used for crypto mining. 

Cyber Criminals are Hacking Cloud Accounts to Mine Cryptocurrency 

Google published its initial threat horizon report. One of the things that it underlined was the hacking of Google could account by cybercriminals to mine cryptocurrency. 

The report stated that the cybersecurity team observed malicious actors performing cryptocurrency mining in compromised Cloud instances. Cryptocurrency mining needs large amounts of computing power. 

The company stated that 86% of the 50 compromised Google Cloud accounts were utilized for cryptocurrency mining. The mining software was downloaded in 22 seconds after the account has been compromised. 

Then, 10% of the compromised accounts have been used to scan other publicly available resources on the Internet to identify other vulnerable systems. 

Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. But mining requires intensive energy. In fact, it uses more energy than some entire countries. 

In May, police found a massive bitcoin mine after raiding a suspected cannabis farm in the UK. The miners stole thousands of pounds worth of electricity from the power grid. 

People were visiting the unit at any time of the day. The police saw numerous wiring and ventilation ducts. A police drone also detected intensive heat coming from the farm. 

However, when the police raided the farm, they didn’t expect what they have found. 

The cloud threat was more complex than the said cryptocurrency mining

Google researches also exposed a phishing attack by a Russian group at the end of September. Fortunately, Google prevented the said attack. 

Cloud consumers are facing a variety of threats, regardless of what platform they are using. Most of the successful attacks are the result of poor hygiene and the inadequacy of control implementation. 

The compromises discovered didn’t appear to be about stealing data. However, data theft remains a threat because malicious actors are performing various forms of abuse. 

For that reason, Google highly recommends to its cloud customer to improve their security. One of the things they can do is to enable two-factor authentication. This method provides an extra layer of protection. It can provide better security beyond what the username and password can offer. 

Another way to secure your account is to avoid storing sensitive details on the cloud. It means that you must not save your social security number, and other important financial statements. Remember the information that cyber criminals could get their hands on. Besides the financial and sensitive information, you should also avoid keeping racy photos with patterns in the cloud. 

It’s also vital that you install an anti-malware program on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This type of program can block any suspicious URLs and downloads. Some anti-malware programs feature remote wipes, device location services, and backups, among others. 

When accessing your cloud account, don’t use public Wi-Fi. Public connection isn’t always safe. Don’t use Internet hot spots if you can’t verify their source. Keep in mind that cyber thieves are using open Wi-Fi connections to steal information each time you connect to the spot.

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