Cortana on Android Beta Version Released

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Do you use Android device? The beta version of the digital assistant of Microsoft, Cortana, is out.

Cortana on Android Beta Version Released

Cortana on Android Beta Version Released


On Monday, Microsoft has released the beta version of Cortana. But it’s only available for Android devices and can only be downloaded by US residents.

However, the tech giant will make it available to other markets in the future.

As to when? The company didn’t say.

On Google Play, Microsoft put up a sign-up form for those who wished to test the app’s functionalities. Unfortunately, it’s no longer accepting testers at this point.

The Android beta version of Cortana allows users to search anything through Bing with their voice. They can also set up reminders or send SMS.

The app is synchronized with the preferences you’ve set up on your Windows 10 device. In this way, you can get access to various pieces of information, like customized news stories and reminders, as well as flight information.

Does it Offer All Features?

The Android version of Cortana lacks some of the features that are on Windows version. After all, it’s just a beta version.

The app won’t respond when you say, “Hey Cortana.” It’s unclear yet whether or not such capability will be available on Android app.

Last May, Microsoft announced that it’d be launching its latest digital assistant on Android and iOS. After the beta version was released, the company said that there are several improvements made to the app. These will include allowing users to set it as a destination when they press the home button.

How Does it Compare to Apple’s and Google’s?

Cortana isn’t as innovative as the assistants of Apple and Google. However, they all do almost the same thing. The integration of the assistant with Windows makes Cortana more intriguing.

If you’re a traveler, Cortana will give you updates of the weather for your destination. It can also find some restaurants near the hotel you’re staying.

You can use it to find specific recipes or search for images. And if you’re glued to your office chair every day, you can set up Cortana to remind you to get up every couple of hours.

Despite the many functionalities of Cortana, there are still things that Microsoft must do to compete successfully against Apple and Google. One of the major concerns with the use of Cortana will involve the data the assistant collects.

Furthermore, some users from outside the US are experiencing technical issues with this assistant. Users also request Microsoft to add some support for compound questions in order to make the conversation with the assistant more natural.

When Will Cortana Be Available on Mac?

Microsoft is planning to bring its digital assistant to iOS but it has no plans to make it available on Mac.

However, if you’re using Mac, you can try Cortana through Parallels, which is a visualization software made for Mac OS X.

As regards to its release on iOS, users of iPhone and other iOS devices will have to wait later this year to be available on App Store.

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