Microsoft Launches Copilot App on Android and iOS

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Microsoft Launches Copilot App on Android and iOS


Microsoft Copilot App 

Microsoft launched the app on iOS a few days before 2023 ended. This app is a revamped version of Bing Chat, which is Microsoft’s version of ChatGPT offering a generative AI experience. 

You can still use Bing Chat. It is a standalone app on iPhone. However, you might want to use Microsoft Copilot. Keep in mind that Microsoft is hyping it. So, it will get more attention from the company than Bing Chat. 

Free to Download

Copilot is free to download. You can use it to ask questions, summarize text, or draft emails. With this app, you can create images as it is integrated with DALL-E3. 

The best thing about it is that you can access Chat GPT-4 for free (at least for now). Keep in mind that the GPT-4 is the latest LLM from OpenAI. But you can’t access it without paying for a subscription. 

Copilot is a rebranding of Bing Chat. This move is necessary as it is moving toward a standalone app that offers a similar experience to ChatGPT. 

Web Experience

In addition to launching the CoPilot app to Android and Apple devices, the company also added a web experience for Copilot. It is quite different from Bing. 

Microsoft has its AI ambitions to compete with Google. However, with CoPilot launching, it looks like it is focusing on ChatGPT. 

When OpenAI revealed that it has gained 100 million people on a weekly basis, Microsoft diverted its attention to generative AI. Hence, the launch of CoPilot. 

Microsoft invested in OpenAI. It has a close partnership with it that is worth billions. However, both companies are competing against each other as they are targeting the same customers who want to use AI assistants. 

Clearly, Microsoft wants to position Copilot as the main option not just for businesses, but also for consumers. 

A few months ago, the company changed Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise into Copilot. The two were merged into Copilot as part of Microsoft’s rebranding inside Windows 11. 

Copilot is being advertised as the free version of Microsoft’s AI chatbot. But its Copilot for Microsoft 365 is a paid version. The free version can still be accessed in Bing and Windows. 

Businesses are competing to be the first in AI for several reasons. One is innovation and competitive advantage. Being the first to adopt and implement it can provide businesses with a significant competitive advantage. 

Early adopters often have the opportunity to innovate and create new products or services. 

AI also has the potential to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks. It also improves decision-making processes and optimizing workflows. 

Businesses can integrate AI to experience cost savings and operational improvements, giving them a competitive edge. 

Being a pioneer in AI can establish a company as a market leader. It can attract customers and partners who value innovation. This leadership position can contribute to buying a strong brand image and influencing industry trends. 

AI technologies can be leveraged to enhance customer experiences through personalization, chatbots, recommendation systems, and more. Businesses can incorporate AI to improve customer interactions to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

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