Clubhouse supports broadcasters with Creator First program

You can join Clubhouse through invite only. But the rapid growth of this audio social app is on full cylinders. For rooms to keep running in-app, it has added support for broadcasters.

clubhouse invite only creator first

Clubhouse has announced a new Creator First accelerator program. It will offer financial help and knowhow to chosen creators. A move that will help them build their audience. And it will monetize their efforts within the app.

“We are looking to support and equip 20 creators w/ resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life,” says Clubhouse. 

The app recently had a weekly townhall. And Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison said the company would support a few creators by providing equipment or tools, if needed. It will assist them develop ideas and match with brands to gain sponsors.

Davison said Clubhouse would provide the chosen creators a guaranteed monthly income of at least USD 5000.

Other features may arrive at some point. Check the options found in the program application below:

Clubhouse must keep its main creators around and make them feel important. If not, they may jump to Twitter, as the social network rapidly develops its own audio social feature Spaces.

As the app expands, it will give more audience reach to creators. The more opportunities to maximize audio social with a larger audience is always welcome.

The invite-only membership for Clubhouse has also fueled a fear-of-missing-out factor to the app. As more broadcasters discover that they can broadcast through Spaces under a well-established platform, it adds pressure on Clubhouse to monetize its platform. 

Many broadcasters have built large followings on Twitter already. And it has a multitude of programs to support them. It also has an incentive to drive people to create in the app.

Clubhouse will soon open up if it wants to keep up with the competition posed by Twitter’s Spaces.

Same with how it copied Snapchat through Instagram Stories, Facebook has plans to develop a Clubhouse clone. It only makes sense for Clubhouse to offer more support and keep its broadcasters affiliated to the app.


Apart from the Creator First accelerator program, it also revealed new updates to improve the app:

  • Link sharing – Users can share links to their club or profile
  • Language filtering – Improved Rooms recommendations based on the language users tune into
  • Invite via phone number – Users can invite other users through their phone number

Clubhouse has pulled out the need to access phone contacts before you can invite others. It addresses privacy concerns when sharing phone contacts within the app.

The rapid rise of audio social is a blessing and a curse for Clubhouse. As well-established players come into the picture, it must find ways to optimize and monetize its platform.

Clubhouse has a loyal user community though. It can weather storm and keep growing, as long as it can compete with its challengers.

You can learn more about the Creator First program here.

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