Clubhouse is working on Social Clubs

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Clubhouse is really pushing out a lot of features these days. The social audio app has a lot of fight on its hands if it wants to compete with Twitter Space. Clubhouse is reportedly testing a new private hallway called Social Clubs.

What is Social Clubs?

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, Social Clubs are “private hallways where you can see more of your favorite people and get to know friends-of-friends.” The idea is to keep people engaged. The numbers are dropping; people are not as interested in social audio apps as they were during the pandemic.

The Social Clubs feature sounds like a great idea—especially if it encourages people to create a private room where they can privately chat with their favorite friends. Though, Clubhouse has not confirmed if the report of the test is true, the truth of the matter is that adding such a feature will help its growth.

As with other tests, there is no guarantee that Social Clubs will make it to full launch.

In related news, Clubhouse is testing a new in-room feature. Clubhouse confirmed this to TechCrunch. As part of the initial roll out, the app will launch a game called “Wild Cards.” Wild Cards according to TechCrunch, represents a series of questions that are designed to encourage conversation and help people to become familiar with each other.

To get started, simply click the “+Rooms” button and then select the “Games” option. You will then be dropped in a social room where you can invite your friends to play with you. As soon as everyone is in the room, you can click “Start Game” to start playing.

The social audio app, according to TechCrunch, provided a list of questions that users may ask during the game. Users may be asked for example, to pitch their best idea for a movie or series in 60 seconds.

They may also be asked to try to find a movie that the entire group loves in three minutes or less. Other questions may include being asked to share the last five things in your search history or explain what type of dog matches your personality.

Clubhouse, like several other socio-audio services are facing a fight to keep hold of their users. Twitter Spaces, one of its biggest competitors, is breathing down its neck, and this new gaming feature could help Clubhouse to retain its users.

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