Cloudflare Wants to End the Annoying CAPTCHA

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CAPTCHA is irritating and Cloudfare wants to end it. But it’s not that easy. 

When you visit a site or make a purchase, there’s a good chance you encounter a CAPTCHA to verify that you are human and not a spammer. Although it’s useful in some ways, it can also be obnoxious. 

In some cases, it doesn’t work causing more frustration to users. 

Cloudflare Solution to End CAPTCHA

And because of the frustrations associated with CAPTCHA, Cloudfare wants to end the madness. 

Cloudflare, a CDN, and DNS service provider stated on its blog post that CAPTHCAs are the bane of Internet users. 

The service acknowledged that they are useful in strengthening the security of online services. But they come with a real cost. 

According to the data gathered, a user takes 32 seconds to complete the challenge. And a user may see more than one CAPTCHA every 10 days. 

Thus, it wants to launch an experiment to stop the madness so it can finally end CAPTCHA. 

Enter a Trusted USB Key

Cloudflare wants you to prove that you are human by touching or looking at a device without having to reveal your identity. And it is possible through a USB key. It works like YubiKey, which has been around for a while. 

By using a USB key, it will only take a few seconds to complete the challenge. It also protects your privacy. 

“Public-key cryptography provides a way to produce unforgeable digital signatures. A user generates a signing key that can sign messages and a verification key that can be used by anyone to verify a message is authentic. This is akin to a signet ring, where the imprint of the ring is the signature and the ring itself the signing key.” – Cloudfare

For many years, Cloudfare relied on reCAPTCHA of Google. However, this form of customization raised privacy concerns. Experts said that Google may use the data to train its visual identification systems. 

CAPTCHAS can cause frustration to a lot of users. Businesses hate the need for it because it causes friction for users. 

It also causes users to leave without visiting or completing a transaction. 

Cloudflare’s new system will make it simpler to prove you are human. When a challenge shows up on a website, you just need to click the I Am Human button, plug the security key and the cryptographic attestation will be sent to Cloudflare so you can move to sit the site or complete your purchase. 

But the new system may fail. The reason for this is that the system will only confirm that you use a trusted security key. Nevertheless, it can be a good way to end CAPTCHA. 

It can still be fooled by AI. It might also incur a high cost to many businesses who are depending on CAPTCHAs for an additional layer of security. 

If you have a trusted USB key, you can try it out. It can work on iPhones, macOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. Take note though that it’s in the experimental phase. It might not work for your device yet. 

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