Chromebooks users can now use Microsoft Office apps

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Apparently Microsoft has decided it’s time to bring to an end a long-time complaint of not being able to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on Chromebooks. For reasons best known to Microsoft, the company before this time had refused to make available the Office suits to Chromebooks users.

According to Android Police, the company has quietly opened up the Office apps to all Chromebooks users. Though, no formal announcement has been made by the company, some Reddit users have been able to successfully use the apps. The availability was also confirmed by Robby Payne from Chrome Unboxed who tried and reported that the apps are also now available on Samsung Chromebook Pro, Pixelbook, Acer Chromebook 15 among others.

Users with a 10.1” Chromebook or smaller can create and edit docs for free after logging in with their Microsoft account. However, bigger sized versions will need an Office 365 subscription to edit docs.

Chromebooks are very popular—and just last January, Google teamed up with Samsung to produce the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Prc. Both products are designed to present consumers with the best Chrome operating system experience ever.

Flexibility is a common feature of both products; the Chromebook Plus and Pro are designed to be flexible—to allow you transform the “Chromebook on demand.” Built with a 360-degree rotating touchscreen performing both as a notebook, and an ultra-mobile premium tablet; consumers are in for one of the most advanced laptops that can be found anywhere.

The Chromebook Plus is the cheaper of the two products, and uses an ARM processor. The Chromebook Pro on the other hand, features an Intel Core MR processor; and are both very fast.

Both laptops share a lot of similarities; having 12.3-inch displays with 2,400 x 1,600 screen resolution. Memory shouldn’t be much of a problem because 4 gigs of RAM and 32GB of internal storage is something to give you some cheer. The battery life too isn’t something to worry about; at eight hours rating, you can relax and do a lot of things comfortably.

Both the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro come with a built-in pen, which is embedded on the side of the device for secure storage and easy access. This built-in pen offers a lot of comfort and flexibility; including ability to easily take notes and capture on-screen content. According to Samsung; “the pen is ready to use out of the box with pre-installed Google Keep for notetaking and Samsung ArtCanvas for drawing. The newly developed pen has a 0.7mm pen tip and pressure sensitivity for precise screen capturing.”

For Microsoft, it is one more opportunity to spread the “truth” about its Office apps as Chromebooks offers an entirely new platform and experience altogether. The company recently announced that it will no longer provide support for its Reader app, and therefore urged users to switch to its Edge browser when they want to read PDF.

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