Chrome OS Could Get Hot Corners Feature

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Chrome OS is still considered a newcomer to the bunch. Despite that, its development cycle is regular. When it adds features to its OS, it adopts them from other desktop setups. 

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It also borrows from Android elements. This allows the OS to continue adding new features. Recently, 9to5 Google spotted a new code change and it seems that the next feature is a copycat of Hot Corners. That is, it will serve the same functionality on Chrome OS as it does with rival macOS. 

Google Chrome OS Taking Best Ideas from Other OS

The company admitted that it is not opposed to copying some of the best features from other OS and implement them to its own Chrome OS. For instance, Chromebooks now have a virtual desk. It is a common OS idea of having a second desktop. 

Google is also making its OS competitive with macOS. Recently, it introduced its own Look Up. But on Chromebook, it is called Quick Answers. It is a Google Assistance-powered feature. 

What is the Hot Corners? 

It is a feature on MacBooks that let users set shortcuts. They are triggered each time the mouse lands in any corner of your screen for a few seconds. These hot corners can have shortcuts for notifications, overview mode, and a lot more. 

If Chrome OS would have the same feature soon, many Chromebook users would frequently use them, especially if they are on virtual desks. 

One of the best things about Hot Corners is that you can easily point your mouse to the top left corner of your display to activate the screensaver. That is if you set it up that way. 

It is a useful feature especially if you are the type of person who does not like to use a keyboard shortcut. On Mac, you can activate it by going to the Apple Menu and choose System Preferences. Click Mission control and find the Hot Corners button. 

There are many options to choose from. You can take to start the screen saver. It lets you hide the content of your screen. When you activate it on Hot Corners, it will override the setting for how long your computer will sit idle before the screen saver appears. 

Another option is Mission Control. Here, you will have a view of all the open windows. When you are in Mission Control, you can go to any window by simply clicking it. Mission Control also allows you to set up spaces. It is a view that includes windows from apps that you set in the space. 

You can also trigger your Mac to give you an overview of all open windows for a certain app. Simply choose a hot corner to trigger Application Windows. 

Other options would include desktop, dashboard, notification, and launchpad. You can also put your display to sleep. 

The options you pick will depend on how you are using your Mac. For Chrome OS Hot Corners, it is not final yet. Google has not provided more details about how this feature will work. And the company may cancel it.

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