Chinese Top Tech Execs Endorse Beijing’s Move For Tighter Web Control

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The top executives of well-known Chinese technology companies have said that they support Beijing’s move for more control over what is available to the country’s citizenry online, state media Xinhua reported on Sunday.

The top executives of large Chinese technology companies have endorsed the government’s move for tighter controls over what can be accessed through the internet. Image: veen / Flickr (CC)

According to the Xinhua news agency, the endorsement comes from the top executives of large Chinese tech companies which include Alibaba’s Jack Ma, Baidu’s Robin Li and Sina Corp’s Charles Chao.

The move by the Chinese top technology companies’ executives came after a meeting with China’s State Internet Information Offices held for three days in Beijing.

According to Xinhua, parties involved in the discussion have agreed that they would all “conscientiously safeguard the broadcasting of positive messages online.”

The parties agreed to “resolutely curb the spread of rumors online, online pornography, Internet fraud and the illegal spread of harmful information on the Internet,” the Chinese news agency reported.

The Chinese government has strict guidelines about what can be accessed by the Chinese people through the internet.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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