Chief Communications Officer Also Left Twitter

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Chief Communications Officer Also Left Twitter

Chief Communications Officer Also Left Twitter

As part of Twitter’s shift in its communications strategy, Twitter’s chief communications officer is also out. Gabriel Stricker, who served as the company’s officer in communications, resigned after CEO Dick Costolo left the company.

According to several reports, Gabriel failed to take his responsibilities very seriously causing the company to shrink. Others said that it was due to Twitter’s falling stocks. The agitated shareholders might also be the reason of Gabriel’s departure.

Twitter posted a public statement about Stricker’s departure. The company highlighted that the real reason they let go of him was that of company’s way to further show the world its true value.

In the statement, Twitter emphasized the importance of communications as an essential part in building a stronger future for the company. Because of that, it has made a big change in its communications strategy, as well as direction. And the change would include the departure of its chief communications officer.

Gabriel took to Twitter on Thursday, July 16, 2015, to thank the company for the extraordinary ride he had as an employee of the company. He even called the company/site as more than just a company.

Jack Dorsey, the interim CEO and co-founder of Twitter, responded by thanking Gabriel for his efforts. He said that what Gabriel did is a “true class act.”

Gabriel Stricker joined the company in 2012, two years after Ali Rowghani became the social networking company’s CEO. In addition to working with Twitter, Gabriel also worked as the senior communications executive of Google.

Twitter Struggle

In the past few years, Twitter continues to struggle in convincing its investors that it can still improve its user growth and enhance advertising market. But it has failed to do so causing the company to receive several negative press.

As a public company, its first quarter this year was considered to be its weakest revenue growth. But analysts said that it’s inevitable for this type of product to struggle. This makes it tougher for the network to grow its more than 300 million active users.

What the company is looking for is a person who knows how to deliver compelling and brighter picture of the company’s potential and represent it to the outside world. In addition to letting go of its officers, Twitter also announced its various new features. Just last month, it has unveiled “Lightning.” It’s the company’s latest project that aims to curate tweets that featured live events.

Although the said feature can’t be seen yet, it’s expected to be introduced later this year.

It is also testing its Collections page that can help users in finding more useful information when going online shopping.

Currently, the company is still looking for a new person who will fill the shoes of Gabriel. While the company is hunting for that “person,” all communications staff will be reporting to Twitter’s general counsel Vijaya Gadde.

The company will only hire someone who can provide his/her full-time commitment to the company. That said, Dorsey might not be a good candidate for this position, even though he’s a current interim CEO.

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