ChatGPT AI comes to SwiftKey keyboard on Android

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Microsoft is pushing hard to ensure it remains ahead of others in generative AI. The company has just added ChatGPT AI to its SwiftKey keyboard on Android.

In a blog post a couple of days back, Microsoft said “we’re excited to share new AI-powered experiences that extend these capabilities to millions of additional people across devices and around the globe!”

The announcement means SwiftKey now supports Bing’s ChatGPT AI, powered by GPT-4. The feature, according to Microsoft’s Pedram Rezaei, is “slowly rolling out,” but some users are already able to access it when downloading the SwiftKey beta from the Play Store.

You can access Bing AI in SwiftKey through the “Bing” button that appears on the left side of the keyboard’s row.

There are two forms; a new “Tone” option that allows you to draft your message in SwiftKey and then have the AI rewrite that message in one of a few ways. The available options include: Professional, Casual, Polite, and Social Post.

The new features in SwiftKey are now accessible in various markets where the new Bing is available; “anyone can use Search now, while accessing Tone and Chat requires that you sign into your Microsoft Account that has been approved to access the new Bing preview.”

A couple of weeks ago, Grammarly’s announced its latest feature, GrammarlyGo that is built on the power of AI. The company announced during the week that it is rolling out an auto-composition feature that further helps its software to work even smarter. The launch is in keeping up with many companies that are currently adding ChatGPT API to their products.

The new GrammarlyGo feature can use contexts like style, voice, and purpose and also where you are writing to determine its approach. The feature will be able to help you with your shot email replies, make your passages shorter, rewrite them for time and clarity, and so much more. GrammarlyGo according to the company, will be enabled by default for individuals, but you can toggle it in settings.

Grammarly in a statement emphasized how important it is to add GrammarlyGo at this time: “Individuals today spend too much time trying to communicate in the right way, while poor communication is draining business productivity and performance,” the company wrote.

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Author: Ola Ric

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