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Chatbot technology isn’t a particularly new phenomenon. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably witnessed its gradual rise in popularity over the past decade or so.

Today, you’ll find that businesses are using chatbots in a handful of areas, for a variety of purposes.

As it relates to marketing, chatbots can be used to start conversations with prospects and customers online. However, this requires you to interact with them where it’s more personal — their apps.

Whether your business is just starting to immerse itself in chatbot technology or whether you’re looking to integrate chatbots within your marketing strategy, there are a few reasons to get on board with chatbots for social messaging, specifically.

Your Content Isn’t Reaching People on Major Social Media Platforms

If you’re a business on social media, you shouldn’t be relying solely on reaching your audience through your page’s content — even if you’re paying to boost your posts!

The reality is that businesses have been at a significant disadvantage on certain platforms for a few years now.

Facebook’s algorithm, for example, prefers user-generated content to business-generated or page-generated content. This means that whenever you post something to your social media page, you’re only going to ever reach a fraction of your entire audience.

In fact, following Facebook’s enormous algorithm update in the summer of 2018, businesses were reported to be reaching just 6.4% of their followers.

Utilizing social media chatbots, on the other hand, will allow you to engage with more of your audience, and on a more personal level.

ChatMessaging Sees Better Open Rates Than Most Forms of Digital Communication

If you want more and more of your audience to actually open and see your content or ad and not simply scroll past it, chat messaging is the way to go.

Chat messaging typically sees higher open rates than even email. One chat marketing campaign, for example, saw an 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate on Facebook Messenger!

Of course, you know what higher open rates and click-through rates generally mean — higher conversion rates and sales.

While this may be an exceptional scenario, these kinds of numbers are fairly typical throughout chat marketing campaigns. Compare this to email open rates and click-through rates that marketing teams comes to expect, which hover around the 15-25% and 2.5% marks, respectively.

People Actually Prefer Communicating with Businesses Via Chat

While you might assume that chatbot messaging is an invasive way of connecting with people over social media, studies suggest quite the opposite.

In fact, a Nielsen survey reported that direct messaging was the second most popular form of communication with businesses.

Today’s social media users are very welcoming of brands engaging with them via direct message, and it’s likely because these interactions feel like real conversations. As users respond immediately, in real time, chatbots are able to do the same.

Unlike a customer support representative, who might be juggling four different conversations at once and who may not have all of your business’s answers on hand, a chatbot is able to devote time to individuals and provide immediate responses to any questions.

Social Messaging Chatbots Make Segmenting and Tagging a Whole Lot Easier

It’s the individual interactions with prospects, leads, and customers that allow you to gather information about them.

Of course, in any well-oiled marketing strategy, that information can then be used to help segment them and deliver better, more pertinent information to them. All in all, this will help your business drive more conversions and sales.

Well, using chatbots to ask all of the right questions for segmenting and targeting is much easier and faster than depending on your customer’s support representatives to make it happen. Not to mention, it can often be more accurate. Artificial intelligence doesn’t make human errors!

Personalize Your Business’s Marketing Approach

The very nature of one-on-one communication through a social messaging app is a more personal experience than most. Arguably, it rivals SMS messages and phone calls as one of the more personalized forms of communication.

Unlike a social media post, a comment, or an email, a social media message is a direct line between a brand and one person — a channel that is completely closed off to the wider community.

This takes your business’s marketing efforts to a whole new level entirely, allowing you to not only reach your audience corporately but also make individual connections simultaneously.

As a result, you’re able to reach your audience on every level of the customer journey!

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