Career Paths if you have a Business Administration Degree

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Career Paths if you have a Business Administration Degree

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A Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, can be an excellent option for someone who wants to have an in-depth knowledge of the business world. As you may know, a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BA) is an undergraduate degree that focuses on how to run organizations.

This program teaches students about accounting, economics, statistics, and other relevant concepts. The BA is often seen as preparation for careers in management or other professions related to business. If you are considering enrolling in this type of program, it can be helpful to understand what your options are after graduation.

How Does a Bachelor in Business Administration Boost Your Career?

It’s important to have work experience in any field, and it’s definitely appreciated by employers whenever they are in search of potential employees; however, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration lets you take a few steps ahead of those who don’t. The majority of surveyed employers from various industries tend to filter out qualified applicants even if they have the skills and work experience once they find out that they don’t meet the four-year degree requirement.

Most companies prioritize those with a bachelor’s degree in the hiring process and career advancement. The reality is that someone with a BBA degree is more likely to get hired and promoted, especially in managerial positions, compared to someone with only work experience.

What skills do you learn from a business administration degree?

Getting a bachelor of business administration online degree is a great way to comprehend the fundamentals that will prepare you for getting that dream job. Here are the three crucial skills you will learn:


Students with a business administration degree learn how to manage organizations and businesses both in financial and marketing aspects. Collaboratively working with others to achieve goals while balancing the needs of stakeholders is another vital skill that students will learn. They are prepared for careers in banking, retailing, law, and many more professions that require strong analytical thinking skills.  


One of the essential skills that can help students and professionals excel in any industry or company. Most people think that performing well and working hard automatically merits a promotion in the long run. Still, those with leadership skills are often seen to be more prepared to take on bigger responsibilities that a higher position entails.

Mathematical skills

You don’t have to compete with calculators and solve mathematical equations in seconds, but it’s essential to learn the basics and get comfortable working with numbers. The idea behind this is for you to be able to apply your mathematical skills in providing business solutions. Advanced algebra, statistics, probability, hypothesis testing, and expected value are some of the vital skills you need to learn to apply in a business role.

What are your career options with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration?

As a business administration graduate, you have a wealth of career options available to you. Your skills in planning, organizing, and managing resources will be in high demand in the business world. They have the opportunities to pursue careers in a variety of industries, including:


With a BBA degree in entrepreneurship, you will create or improve your own business. You’ll develop the skills necessary for starting and managing your own company by studying finance, marketing, management, and other related topics. You can also learn about larger companies by researching their financial performance, organizational structure, and many more factors that affect economic productivity.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist

Human resources specialists have pursued a and are trained to handle all HR work, including employee relations and compensation. In most cases, this certification enables them to operate in the background of work environments, providing much of the backbone and heartbeat of a company. They process payroll for their organization with the state of the art technology in compliance with federal regulations while also providing support where needed throughout an individual’s career development path.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are vital to the success of any company because they help make informed decisions. They do this by gathering data, running models, and giving presentations with their opinions on how investments should be made for businesses or sectors to achieve maximum return on capital employed (ROCC).

Business Consultant

Business consultants help companies improve their efficiency through reduced costs and increased revenue. Management consultancies generally organize information about a problem and design procedures for improvement to recommend new systems or organization changes that work with current ones to be more accessible than ever before!

Other career paths with BBA:

  • Sales Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Real estate
  • Project management

With your strong business foundation, you can also pursue graduate-level studies and advance your career even further!

How to prepare after BBA: The Peregrine Exam

The Peregrine Exam determines the students’ understanding of the basics of business. The test is divided into five sections: accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, and organizational behavior. It’s more than just to know if you learned but to get you prepared for how employers are examining candidates.

The exam focuses more on your more profound understanding of finance, economics, accounting, human resources, and statistics. The questions are positioned to get students accustomed to what employers are expecting potential employees to know. In other words, the exam is a way for you to practice applying what you have learned while taking a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The peregrine exam helps you know and say the right words when asked during an interview or while working.

What’s stopping you from taking a bachelor’s degree in business administration?

The possibilities are endless with a business administration degree. If you’re considering your future career path, whether it be in an office or abroad, having this valuable credential can help open doors for you and set you up for success. With the skills learned through classes like Accounting 101 and Marketing Strategies, not to mention courses on leadership development and project management—you will have many opportunities available to pursue after graduation!

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