Can You Use Pinterest to Advance Your Career?

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Most job seekers would use LinkedIn to find a new job. But did you know that you can also use Pinterest to advance your career?

Can You Use Pinterest to Advance Your Career?

Can You Use Pinterest to Advance Your Career?

It is true that LinkedIn has become an indispensable social media networking site in finding a great job. It has a platform that offers several features that can put yourself out there and be discovered by employees.

Pinterest is usually mistaken as a site that offers recipes and ideas for a project. But some people have used it to help with their career.

Career Advice

When you go to Pinterest, you can search for several useful articles that can help in boosting your career. Most of them are geared towards women. You will also find buttons about work tips, infographics, and more.

Take those results and study them. You may also share them to others or make them private.

Career Sites

Several companies and organizations have Pinterest boards, where you can find well-written articles that would offer great pieces of advice for job hunters.

You can also check out possible careers that you may like. Some Pinterest boards highlight about how it is like to work in a certain field.

You can also find some boards that tackle salary ranges.

Can you pin your own resume?

Yes, you can.

However, do not just use a generic name for the pin.

Instead of naming it resume.docx, use pharmaceutical sales rep resume.doc. Be specific when naming your resume. In that way, employers who are looking for such employee may pick up your resume and actually read it.

Curate boards

Pinterest is all about curation. You can leverage that by showing your professional expertise.

Create pins for online posts that could relate to your skill set. This will result in your board being seen on Google search results. That said, make sure that you are using relevant words when you describe your pins.

It is also ideal that you interact with other people in the industry that you want to work for. Follow them. They may follow you back.

And when you have found something that is interesting, pick and share it on your own Pinterest board. The Pinners would be notified that their pins have been re-pin. There is a great chance that they would communicate with you.

And when they do, interact with them regularly.

Who knows? They might give you the opportunity you have been waiting for.

To advance your career with the help of Pinterest, you need to keep your boards updated. Make sure that you post fresh articles, insights or ideas. The more pins you have, the better it is. It takes some effort and time to truly maximize Pinterest’s use. But it is worth it.

Because of the competitive market, employers are looking for creative ways to find their next top talents. And when they found your pin, they might communicate and invite you for an interview. This is a great time for you to step up your game.

Of course, do not just focus on Pinterest. Use LinkedIn, too, in helping you find your next job.

What do you think of this story? Do you have something to share about how Pinterest helped you in finding a great job? Please share us your experience in the comment section below.

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