Can Internet Speeds Prove Equal to the 2012 London Olympics Needs?

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Can Internet Speeds Prove Equal to the London 2012 Olympics Needs?

Latest reports from London are expressing concern over the capability of Internet service providers in the UK to handle the huge amount of data expected for streaming as live content when the 2012 London Olympics gets underway this summer.

The UK Internet Providers Association has warned that the problem could pile up when more businesses allow the streaming of Olympic Games content for employees eager to watch the games live on the Internet.

Described as a massive hit on the Internet infrastructure, it is likely to relate primarily on the feared struggle with bandwidth, as most businesses are girding to allow the use of their computer facilities by employees as streaming venues for the games in progress.

The service providers warned that sluggish streaming service might happen, as well as possible interruptions when the infrastructure gets overtaxed.

Mobile service providers that are bracing for millions of users seeking Olympics updates via their smart phones expect a similar problem of massive proportions.

Olympic planners are expecting all service providers, particularly for mobile devices, to install additional infrastructure around Olympic venues to absorb the anticipated massive demand for Games data in the 17 days of the London Olympiad.

And still to be considered will be the data streaming concern, as the Internet must face up to the needs of massive users such as the BBC and similar network broadcast giants intent on putting the Games live via the Internet.

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