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 Pinterest is always looking to provide great opportunities for businesses

Pinterest is always looking to provide great opportunities for businesses

Pinterest is one of the most in-demand social media platforms for guilty pleasures, which is why it is now unveiling its latest addition to the website. “Buyable pins” will now be available for all those who have always wanted to buy the things they saw amongst their pins. Rich Pins which will have a lot of information than normal links, like ingredients needed for a recipe will have a new button which users can use to purchase products directly from the partners that the pin is working for.

Think of it as free marketing as there is no fee for buyers or merchants. This is especially good for companies and businesses that need more publicity. Pinterest has already partnered with retailers such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s so they can stock Pinterest with their many products.

Pinterest is also working with Stripe to handle payments so that there is no need for credit card information which might become accessible to the site. The visual platform is used all over the world, and as the user base grows, it is trying to bring all its users together so they can have an easier way to buy something without worrying about credit security.

Buyable pins are a new way of advertising for companies, and through Pinterest, companies and investors now have an even larger base to grow and attract customers.

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