How Businesses Can Improve their Social Media Campaigns for 2014

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Social media has had a lot of success in 2013 in terms of being used by companies for their marketing efforts. Many studies have indicated that social media use has increased last year, to the point where various channels have become a necessity for majority of businesses if they want to be successful.

One study showed that 75 percent of businesses have their own team for their social media efforts. In addition, another revealed that 93 percent of businesses use social media for their business.

The most popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, are now more than just websites where people share photos, interests, and talk about the latest news and gossip. These sites have become an avenue for marketers to promote their products or services and increase the exposure of their brands. With the success of these established social media sites in business, new social media channels continue to be developed in 2013 as well.

Twitter has a big 2013, with the successful launching of its IPO and the growing number of active users it has, sending out millions of tweets on a daily basis (in particular, 500 million daily tweets from 232 million users).


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Snapchat also had a successful 2013, and marketers take this as an indication that marketing in the near future will have videos and pictures as its main focus. The same can be said about the success of Instagram last year.

Success of social media advertising

These trends give us a clue as to where social media marketing is heading for the year 2014. One of these is the apparent growth of social media importance and its rising importance for marketing success. A lot of companies have already spent more dollars than ever on social media advertising last year; approximately 10.24 billion dollars.

For this year, companies who aren’t into this form of advertising already should set some of their budget to social media advertising, but not only that, they should also create effective strategies. The best social media sites to use for now are still Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is gaining popularity too.

Facebook advertising involves segmentation, which is a policy that is effective not just in social media but in other advertising methods. Facebook provides chances for companies to reach out to your fans and to those who are really interested in the products and services that you are selling. Segmentation allows you to specify your targeting, providing opportunities for relevant Facebook users to see and click your ads.

In Facebook advertising, it is also crucial to optimize your ads, or make them more appealing and clickable given the limited space and number of characters that you will be working on. Campaigns should also be programmed effectively, trying out different days and hours on a day to see when some of your ads are most effective.

Social customer service improvement is key

A lot of customers go to the social media pages of companies to post their complains and queries. Social media users, especially those on Facebook and Twitter, are generally very active users, and update their accounts regularly, so they too have the expectation that managers of company social media accounts also update their pages frequently.

Unfortunately, according to a study conducted by SproutSocial, a social media marketing firm, the rate at which companies respond to their Twitter and Facebook pages have dropped 20 percent, due to the fact that they are having a hard time keeping up with the increasing amount of customers sending them messages. Forty two percent of these customers look forward to getting a response from company reps through social media pages within an hour.

There should be an improvement in this aspect of the entire social media marketing strategy, and companies that do incorporate an efficient and quick social media response to customer service concerns, aside from the sales aspect of social media marketing, will be at an advantage over other firms that don’t understand the importance of this strategy just yet.

Using social media analytics to make business decisions

It’s hard to measure the success of social media marketing, and yet it is important for marketers to know if the return on investment is ideal or not. This year, companies should use social media analytics tools to help them make business decisions.

Social media analytics can be used in a number of different ways. It allows you to identify customer sentiment towards your products and services, and this in turn helps you decide on what steps to make to improve customer and marketing services.

Social media analytics helps businesses increase their revenues, decrease the costs of customer service, and improve how the public perceives your products and services. These tools analyze various types of data that can be obtained from social media, including number of tweets and retweets, company name mentions, customer sentiments, and many more.

Social media technology is growing at a rapid pace and it is exciting to discover what surprises are in store for business owners in 2014.

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Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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