How to Build Your Audience on Social Media

Have you seen a Facebook account with a horde of friends or a Twitter account with a throng of followers? Some of those accounts are owned by popular celebrities and global personalities, but most user accounts do not fall under those categories. As luck would have it, you can follow that trail using their techniques to build your audience.

Take note that social media is not just a mere conduit to push messages. It talks about meaningful and relevant discussions to build mutually constructive relationships with the target audience. About 4 out of 5 marketers say social media content has been a key element that plays an important role to generate exposure for a business.

Here are 5 simple tips on how to build your audience through and on social media:


1. Always have something valuable to offer.

Social media experts who have lots of fans and followers are called “experts” in the field for a number of reasons. Most of all, they focus on their motivations. They share that skill and knowledge with people who want to listen to what they have to say. When the things you say on social media are valuable and relevant, it will draw the attention of your target audience.


2. Engage with your audience.

Popular celebrities and personalities have loyal fans and followers because they continuously engage with them. If one fan, of the thousands or millions, reaches out to you on social media with a valuable message, take time to reply. Show to your followers you are reading and appreciating their posts. For example, 52 percent more leads were generated by marketers who spent more than six hours weekly on social media as opposed to those who spent lesser time.


3. Update often and focus on original content.

Internet users easily get bored. If you are a photographer, upload new images or albums on a regular basis. If you are a writer, frequently updates on your latest work or post new stories and experiences. If you own a business, also share photos and details outside of work. In all those lines of work, remember to keep your fans and followers entertained with original content, so they have a reason to return to your page.


4. Stick to your brand’s image.

Even though you will have various online campaigns to market your brand, ensure that you establish your image first. Stick to your image because fans and followers who can relate to your brand will have certain expectations you have to meet. Do not break the trust and loyalty of your fans and take the necessary action to build your brand’s image, not to destroy it.


5. Study and learn the industry.

Study every single one of the social media outlets you intend to or currently use. Do not allow people to label you as an “amateur,” even though you have just started in this industry. You will feel more confident with your work with due diligence in reading relevant materials and content.

Author: Francis Rey

Francis is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He has been writing about social media and technology for more than 10 years. During off hours, he relishes moments with his wife and daughter.

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