Brands: How to create One of the Most viewed TikTok?

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Brands: How to create One of the Most viewed TikTok?

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Companies are learning how to produce the most viewed TikTok to increase their visibility. Companies are used by now to direct their marketing towards social media. They already do so on Facebook and Instagram. And now that TikTok is constantly gaining ground on these two, they also post on this app, regularly.

Take the Time to create a Great Profile

Strategies are quite different from one social media to another. When a brand starts posting on TikTok, they may want to do so by using one individual inside the company, and turn him into an influencer. This is certainly a great start in order . The profile of that person will be important, in the views of users. This is where the first impression happens, between the content creator and its public. They have to be impressed by what they are reading, or else, they may simply continue looking for other people to follow. Make sure the picture is positive and creates a good impression. Use one of the photo editing trends of TikTok, to be sure that it comes out just as users like them.

What makes a profile interesting is different according to the crowd the company wants to reach. The age of the user is certainly one thing that matters. Brands have to keep in mind that the average age of users on TikTok is below 25. Therefore, they tend to look for younger persons to follow. In any case, it has to look great and to give out a happy feeling, which is the common denominator on TikTok. If someone is taking himself too seriously on this app, he will probably never have any success, trying to get on the list of the most viewed TikTok.

• Positive picture
• Impressive description
• Preferably young
• Professional looking
• Light content

Define Your Target Well

This step might be a little harder on TikTok than on Facebook and Instagram. The reason is that the crowd on this app is much younger, as we have just mentioned. In other words, if your public is forty years old and older, you best stick to Facebook and Instagram. If you can adapt whatever you are selling to a younger crowd, then what you need to define is: Are you looking for men, women, or people that don’t consider themselves as part of any of the previous genders? Do they have to be located in a particular city, region, country, or continent? Which languages can you offer your services in, so that you can actually communicate with your customers? These are but a few of the important questions you must answer precisely, if you want to be successful on TikTok.

Create Unique and Outstanding Content or be the Best at copying

This may seem like a strange thing to say, but copying is not only okay on TikTok; it is something that is expected of you. That is how powerful, trends are on this app. If you see one that turns you on, then you have to be able to give your take on it. That is the way TikTok creators make most of their content. It usually starts with someone using one particular element that will make the viewers laugh. They can be different each time. Many of them are based on a song, to which they add images that will get everyone smiling or laughing out loud. Then, other users will post that same song, with images of their own. It can be about events happening now, or even the use of a certain filter. For companies, what they must understand is that if they decide to join a trend, they need to be funny and to be on time. If it takes a week to prepare a post to copy a trend, users will already have moved to greener pastures by then, and the company will only look outdated.

But as you can imagine, to have something to copy, users need content creators that are original to start with. And if you can be that person, you are sure to raise many more likes than anyone trying to copy something else. This is where it becomes as important as on Facebook or Instagram, to use the right tools to create your posts. There are templates that will ensure that your content looks professional. What you add to them and how you revisit the videos and images through editing, is what will make you a winner, or not. Kids are professionals at TikTok, so if you feed them anything that is at a lesser level, they will only laugh at you – not with you. Good content on TikTok means that it is entertaining. Therefore, companies should start with that idea in mind when they decide to get on the TikTok social media.

• Jump onboard of trends rapidly
• React quickly
• Use all the creation tools at your disposal
• Make it look professional
• Be entertaining

Call Upon Influencers

The shortest way to a most viewed TikTok is certainly to bring an influencer into the marketing campaign. They are the professionals to turn to when it comes to creating views on any social media. What you may manage to do after a few years of trying, they can do immediately, since they have already done the ground work and accumulated a lot of followers throughout that time. Nowadays, there are a large number of influencers available, at very different costs from one another. But the price a company pays might not be the most important element to look for, when choosing their influencers.

Just as we took the time to mention it before, brands still need to look at the target that each influencer reaches, when choosing theirs. If you decide upon your influencer solely according to the number of followers that they have, you may find yourself with a lot of views, but not much to show for, in terms of sales. That is because their viewers are not the target crowd of the company advertising. The same is true about selecting an influencer for his cost. Spending 10K instead of 25K might seem wise, but if the response to the first one is below the cost, it is still better to go for the most expensive one, after all.

What the company needs to base itself on is: Who are the followers of each potential influencer? They need to represent a good part of the people that the brand is sure to interest. That is a difficult work, in the view of the large numbers of influencers on this platform today, but it has to be done rigorously. If a company needs help, it can call upon an agency that deals with influencers, on given territories. The results will probably be more interesting this way, although it will probably cost a little more, as well.

• Choose your influencer according to the crowd they reach
• Call upon professionals to make your job easier

Create a Spokesperson

There is a new way to enter into the world of social media these days, which is to create a character that will represent the company. Around the world, many newcomers on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are AI (Artificial Intelligence), that live under a name and an image, that identifies them. It is a solution that interests many, as they are based on algorithms, which should enable them to say the right thing at the right time, in theory. Marketing is, after all, inserting a product into people’s lives, simply by making them believe that it only makes sense. By that, we mean that it fits with their lifestyle, their beliefs, their desires, and everything else that relates to the individual, as important elements of their lives. Therefore, having an algorithm representing you, will definitely take all potential mistakes out of the way, by removing the emotional side of it, which today can rapidly become a disaster, if someone was to share an opinion that diverges from the mass.

However, an algorithm is also quite cold. To a certain degree, it goes against what people are looking for these days, which is to be yourself; although this seems like a contradiction to what was just mentioned above. In truth, the contradiction does exist. Most social media users affirm that they want to be able to be who they are, but most of them simply refuse for the others to have their own point of view. It is important in this segment of this article, as what comes up next is some kind of balance between a real individual and an algorithm, which is the creation of a fictitious character.

It would seem, indeed, like one of the next marketing tools, will be to use a fictitious character to represent the brand’s values and ideas. Its big advantage is that it is neutral, as it creates somewhat of a distance between the brand and the character itself, since it is part of a fiction world. But most importantly, these characters are created by screenwriters, who make them live an intense, interesting, and intriguing life. In this way, the chances that viewers get an interest on them, is much greater, as it will be like following a series character, living his daily life. Companies can create their own, which will be entirely focused on their needs, or they can acquire one that is linked to many others, such as inside the Triality World, so they can benefit from the greater international visibility that all characters will produce together. In all cases, these characters are created along with the company, and they grow their visibility through time. It makes it a powerful tool in mid to long term.

• You can be represented by an algorithm
• You can be represented by a fictitious character (stand-alone)
• You can have your own character inside an international parallel world

Incorporating the TikTok Posts to the Whole Marketing Campaign

To have better results, a company needs to link all of their marketing strategies together, and this includes TikTok, as well as all other social media. Today, there is a certain path that has been created online, which has completely changed the way that companies communicate with their customers and prospects. It is quite complex and needs to be fully controlled, if a company does not want to find itself wasting opportunities, by not being seen or able to respond to demands on one of the communication channels. These include the most common communication lines, such as the telephone and its derivatives (like WhatsApp), as well as social media requests. The simple task of covering all the bases, should be done first, before starting to post on TikTok. Also, it shall be reviewed regularly, every six months, to make sure that no new communication channel has been added to the course, that the company would not already have access too. Once that is done, they then need to integrate TikTok into their global marketing strategy.

This could be easier said than done. The main problems, as we saw earlier, is the average age of users, as well as the fact that TikTok posts have to make people laugh, or at least smile. Therefore, any marketing campaign that was designed for an older crowd or was meant to be serious, will have great difficulties adapting itself to the context of TikTok. But that shouldn’t stop a good marketing director from finding an answer to this dilemma. Otherwise, the other solution is to leave TikTok out of the global marketing strategy, which goes against the principle that all companies need to be seen on all communication means, in order to be able to respond to customers in the way that they prefer. It is best to see TikTok as a great opportunity to create something different, for a change. And also, to involve someone younger in the team, in order to adapt the message perfectly, towards a younger crowd.

• Link all your marketing campaigns under a global strategy
• Make sure that your customers have access to you on all communication channels available
• Don’t be afraid to be different on TikTok

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