10 Tips for Brand Building and Effective Advertising on Instagram

Instagram brand building and advertisement tips

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If you create or sell something that can be beautifully photographed, then preferably, you should do that on Instagram because Instagram helps you ‘Sell’. In fact, we should bear in mind that Instagram is a social network, rather than an online store. People register here for socializing, not shopping. Therefore, you will need to be very prudent in how you promote your brand to enable loyal visitors to continue visiting your Instagram account and eventually, become your loyal ‘Customers’. So, it all depends on you on how to answer the million dollar question – ‘What’ to publish and ‘How’ to make your business account an interesting place so that your visitors check it several times a day and share it with their friends and acquaintances? Keep reading and below 10 ideas will should, hopefully, help you answer above 2 questions.

Content that sells

If you want to sell via Instagram, then your account should contain lots of promotional content and posting relevant pictures can be the game changer. Your pictures should tell the customer about the product features, benefits, cost, and other commercial attributes. A photo with a white background, which would look great on the webpage in the online store is not very suitable for the Instagram.

Photos for Instagram should be conceptual, bright, interesting, beautiful pictures in which a product appears from the most appealing perspective. If in your case color of your product matters (for example, you sell clothing or jewelry), it is better to make photos without photo-filters, so as not to distort the picture of the product.

Content that sells should not be abused, and from time to time it must be diluted with something else: interesting, funny, or useful posts, some smart general information, or similar news connected with the subject matter of your account.


Usually, people register in social networks for fellowship and interaction, so it’s absolutely important to keep all communications channels flowing. Tell interesting stories to your subscribers! It can be the story of how you came up with the idea to open a store, why you chose this particular niche. Maybe the story about you, or the story of how the store has changed your life could be compelling to the readers and potential customers. A far better story will be about how your product is going to change (or is already changing), the lives of your customers etc. In such a way, you will become closer to the audience and be more trustworthy to create the atmosphere of comfort.


Reviews are very important for any eCommerce business with research suggesting that up to 88% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Thanks to the reviews, your potential buyers start trusting you, which subsequently affects their decision to purchase. In addition, Instagram collects feedback easier than on any other website or in another social network. So why not take advantage?

Collect feedback, wherever people write it (online, via mail, WhatsApp, in messages in Instagram) and publish them in your account. This can be done with the help of screenshots or repost.


Every day we update Instagram dozens of times. And given that we ourselves visit news related websites multiple times in a given day, it is very easy to deduce that you can effectively use Instagram to share news about your own brand.

Tell more about promotions, discounts, new products, changes in the terms of delivery, changing company location, change of company contact information, and everything that is happening with the company. And there are always ways to share interesting news and updates about your company. A good example of a company dispersing gripping news about their products is Edubirdie which regularly updates its Instagram account to invite subscribers for engaging contests and exchange mutually beneficial ideas.


People always want to look behind the scenes. In general, this is one of the reasons for the popularity of social networks – you can easily spy what breakfast your favorite fitness trainer has and in which the club your beloved singer is hanging out after the concert. By registering a business account, you will also become “a little celebrity”, and therefore can sometimes, for a change, show what goes on behind the scenes.

If you do manufacture your products, show the production process (sketches or machines). A heap of cups on the table of the programmer that helps him catch the inspiration from the outer space and work on the usability of your site will be perfect! Acquaint your staff members with the subscribers by telling who arranges their orders and sends packages.


Users have always got a lot of questions: how to care, how to wash, whom this product will fit and whom not, how it works, what for this thing is and much more… Train your subscribers how to use your product. Maybe they have not yet realized that they urgently need your products – so explain it to them-give them an impetus towards a new purchase from your store!

You can ask your subscribers about what their needs are etc. Sometimes you can get unexpected and useful ideas.

Delivery and contacts

Even if you have a profile with the phone number, e-mail, and website, and even if your website has a whole section about the delivery, even if you write about the delivery policy under each photo in Instagram – you still will constantly be asked about that. So why not to forecast such questions and problems?

Create a beautiful picture with some informative inscription like “All about delivery”, and periodically copy it and publish (or different images on one inscription in the same style) and tell underneath about how, where, how fast you deliver and how much it worth. There should also be a separate post about «tell me how to contact you».

Motivation via Humor

As mentioned above, people register on social networks for the sake of communication and ‘Entertainment’ is a simple yet powerful tool for communication. Therefore, jokes and humor will be relevant even in the business account of Instagram. Below example of a advertisement with a humorous touch shows how you can leverage humour to promote your brand on Instagram.

humor promote brand Instagram

Source – http://henryfuentes.com/when-to-inject-humor-in-advertising-10-11428


It is not possible to attach a post survey in the Instagram, the way you can do on Facebook. Well, okay! No one stops you from creating your own survey.

For example, if you sell ties, take a picture of the shirt with two ties, put on Instagram with the text where you ask which tie is better: right or left?

Such posts allow subscribers express their opinion and usually gain a lot of comments, showing good activity. People are always welcome to express their views, particularly when asked about it.


Lotteries which we can call in this case “giveaways”  is a relatively cheap way to promote yourself in Instagram. The amount involved depends on the prize that you are willing to offer.

This not only dilutes the content of your posts but also has good chances to go viral and attract new subscribers to your account.

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