BlackBerry Updates BBM With Custom PINs And Ad-Free Subscriptions

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Users of BlackBerry Messenger also known as BBM who want to customize their PINs can now do so as BlackBerry has announced a couple of updates, which also include a slew new features and paid subscriptions.

To remove adds, you will have to pay a monthly recurring subscription fee of $0.99, and another $1.99 every month to get a custom PIN.

The BBM custom PINs must include both letters and numbers, and must also be between six and eight characters; though not case sensitive. As a subscriber, you will also receive a badge on your avatar.


“Advertisements can be removed from BBM for $0.99 USD per month with the No Ads subscription. This subscription removes all ads from your feed, and you will no longer receive sponsored invites from our partners.”

With a Custom PIN subscription you can make a PIN that’s easy for you and your friends to remember and/or says something special about you. Custom PINs have to follow certain guidelines. They must be 6-8 characters long, and can include numbers and letters only. Special characters cannot be used and PINs are not case sensitive. A Custom PIN subscription is $1.99 USD per month.”

Another update made by BlackBerry to its cross platform messenger is Group chats, which now supports photo sharing. Images will now be displayed in-line and also saved to the Pictures section of each group where users can decide to like and also comment on them.

“You can now share a photo while having a group conversation. These photos are also saved to the Pictures section of your group, allowing you to still “like” and comment on them.”

Android users were also not left out of the BlackBerry BBM update as the company also said they can now receive and reply to BBM alerts on their Android Wear-based smartwatches, which the smartphone company showed to the public at the CES last January. You can now receive alerts on your wrist when there is a new BBM message, according to BlackBerry.

There is even more as the company also announced that users of iOS will be able to take advantage of some specific features like TouchID, which enables users to password-protect their BBM chats.

BlackBerry also said that iOS can also lock their “private BBM conversations with a 4-digit passcode” or with their fingerprint. They can also set their BBM to remain unlocked before a password is required again.

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Author: Firdaus

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