Bitdefender Box – The Perfect Security Solution for Your Home Network

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We’ve all seen futuristic movies that feature cool gadgets, interconnected appliances and give you a sneak peek into what the future technology might be capable of. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits go beyond perception. If only all of that was possible!

 Experts predict that 9 out of 10 household devices will link to the web in the near future. But with such advancements, come some drawbacks too, but for now, let’s just look at the bright side.

Internet of Things

Imagine that your front door opens with just a click on your smart phone. As you enter the house, the air conditioning starts by itself and the oven displays a recipe for your meal. That coffee pot in the corner springs into action and brews your favorite blend just the way you want it. The smart fridge adjusts the temperature according to the weather outside and your TV skips to your favorite channel. Seems like something out of a sci-fi movie. That is how the revolutionary smart home appliances are going to affect your life. This interconnected web of Wi-Fi controlled appliances will increase the quality of life. So you can start that washing machine right from your office desk! You will have fewer chores to do which will provide you some much needed free time to spend with your family or enjoy hobbies.

Internet has been a great invention and has facilitated numerous related technologies. The internet of things, or IoT, essentially refers to the capability of smart home appliances to be connected to each other. It all started with computers; the technology giants then introduced tablets and smartphones. These could be connected together to provide a more secure system. But that was the past. Our present and future will be further influenced by such smart technologies. Now, all your gadgets can be connected to the internet, be it your refrigerator or your oven. These gadgets have the potential to transform our society, economy and how we live our lives.

Threats and Vulnerabilities

While it plays a vital role in making your life better, they are not immune to external threats. No, I don’t mean an alien invasion, more like a virus invasion, from unsecure networks. These viruses can corrupt the stored data, access private information and render the devices completely useless. And so, the next time your oven starts, it will be flashing the recipe for a dish made from Brussels sprouts. Yuck! That is just one aspect of the problem. Viruses can access your private data that will no longer be so private. Your computers, smart phones, and other smart gadgets are all at risk of being exposed to such harmful viruses.

Ensuring Protection

Protecting your smart home appliances from these internet invaders is crucial. Your refrigerator being infected might not be an alarming situation but if your home network security is breached, all your smart gadgets are at risk. Your personal data can be easily accessed, which is a frightening thought on its own. Manufacturers of smart home appliances are investing more on security for IoT, since these remotely connected devices cannot afford to be infected. But with the introduction of smart home security software, this threat can be minimized. This is a virgin market that has yet to reach its full potential, although the initial attempts at securing your home networks are faring well.

One name that stands apart from all the rest smart home security providers is Bitdefender Antivirus. They have already excelled in producing antivirus software for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Now they have worked on a new project that aims to provide protection to every Wi-Fi device connected to your home network. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Now all your smart home appliances are secured by the latest and securest smart home security hardware. Yes, Bitdefender BOX is a small and light device that protects all your devices. It is powered by a 400MHz MIPS microprocessor, 16 MB Flash memory and 64MD DDR2 RAM and functions also as a stand-alone router. The setup is quite simple. Just plug it into your router, and hey presto, your home network is as secure as can be. The BOX uses very little power and can be easily charged by connecting to the USB port of your computer or router.


Benefits of Bitdefender

This sleek and beautiful device offers the best security solution for the internet of things. It has been programmed with advanced on the go device management and so it automatically secures any device that connects to your home network. Some of the other benefits are:

  • It provides threat protection against all the malware that silently does its work. Bitdefender will protect your PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS tables and smart phones.
  • Your devices are protected from both online and offline threats. It is even effective against threats that come from USB sticks or portable storage devices.
  • You can download the Bitdefender BOX app and can manage your devices even when you are away from home.
  • As it protects your mobile devices, you can use Wi-Fi hotspots without being vulnerable to hackers, viruses and privacy thieves, even when you are away from home. You just have to enable Private Line on your mobile devices so that your internet traffic is safe and anonymous.
  • Bitdefender doesn’t allow malware to get to your devices. It stops them before they can cause any damage to the software. The ‘cleaning up malware’ process is a lengthy one so it is better to stop malware before it gets to your computer.
  • The sleek design of the device has made it ideal to be placed anywhere in the house. It has a hard and robust casing, lead-free cables and utilizes recyclable materials for the packaging.

These benefits are bound to get you to order your Bitdefender BOX right now. You can do it either from

the official site or you can find it on Amazon.

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