Bing to Reveal New Features

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Bing search engine, which was launched by Microsoft in mid 2009 and promotes itself as a “Decision Engine”, is set to announce new features it has developed in an effort to differentiate itself, and take market share from Google.  Bing will also launch a marketing campaign next year to promote the new features.



Bing to announce new features, launch marketing campaign.

Bing announced this week it has completed its beta testing and soon will fully incorporate the things that worked best in its US service, such as using real time data from social media searches.  Bing’s Stefan Weitz said: “People are going to see really great results from the things they expect and they’re going to see some surprises with things they didn’t expect.”


Weitz, who is senior director of Bing Search Engine USA, said in the future, the company will focus its efforts on getting things done, not just providing them with a list of links to research. Weitz said for example, if one were planning a holiday, Bing will tap into all of the Web’s resources to help create that experience.


Bing’s service now is “focusing a lot on how we can build search-and-find into search-and-do. There’ll be some pretty clear differences with Google.”

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Author: David John Walker

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