Bing for Mobile Browse gets an update

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The Bing team announced on its Bing Community Page that is released an updated to Bing for Mobile Browse ( that “includes a number of new features to help you make faster, more informed decisions while on the go.”


Bing’s improvements make it easier for users to share on Facebook, read the news, search local listings and get directions in one view, scan past searches and see trending topics on their mobile phone.  Users can easily share images, local business details, and apps on iOS devices on Facebook, read news directly from the Bing for Mobile Browse home page, see business listings and directions and one view, and scan the most popular searches on Bing by checking Trending Topics.


Bing also launched Mobile Services in the U.K., where users who will now enjoy a redesigned home page, driving and walking directions, auto-suggest, image search, and better local listings.


Android, iPhones, Rim devices, and other devices that support HTML5 capable browsers will get the Mobile Bing update.

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Author: David John Walker

Dave has a B.A. in Mathematics, loves writing and reading about the latest developments in technology and social media, and has been working as a freelance writer for five years.

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